School of Information Sciences

Increasing Effective Student
Use of the Scientific Journal Literature

A project of the NSF National Science Digital Library (NSDL) Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Education Digital Library

Program Solicitation 01-55, Services Track, Award NSF DUE-0121575

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Attention Undergraduates
Research Participation Project

Who? Undergraduates that have taken one class in
Astronomy, Chemistry, Enginering, or Physics

What? Testing computer interfaces and electronic journals
as part of a NationalScience Foundation grant by the
UT School of Information Sciences

Where? Usability Testing Lab
2nd floor Communications Bldg.

When? Just a two-hour seesion in march or April 2003

You will recieve a $15 Gift Certificate to a Simon Mall

For details and sign-up contact:
Julia Krummen at

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