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TANDEC Line Rental

TANDEC is one of the university research centers in the world to offer bicomponent melt blowing pilot line equipment.

Pilot Line Equipment Rental Fees
Pilot Processing Equipment Rate
500mm Reifenhäuser Melt Blowing Pilot Line with Bicomponent Fiber Technology to schedule line time contact Jack Wyrick Telephone: 865.974.2615 $6,500*

For Six Inch and Twenty Inch Monocomponent Melt Blowing Pilot line equipment rates and availability please contact Dr. Gajanan Bhat at (1)865.974.0976 or

*Based on a 8-hour day from start-up to shut-down (7 hour run time); the rate per hour beyond these prescribed hours per day will be billed at a rate of 150% of the daily rate, prorated per hour.