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Dr. Robert Stewart (other interests)

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Other links of interest - Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance; Oak Ridge National Lab; Geographic Information Science and Technology Group

Mountain Biking

Just try not to get hurt keeping up (or not) with my 15 year old son Nate through the backwoods on mountain bikes. Love to bike nearby Windrock Mountain, Frozen Head State Park , and Haw Ridge.


I love to travel with my wife Debra and our children Jacob, Nate, and Chelsea. Recent trips include Venice, Munich, Yellowstone, the US Southwest and Northwest, Prague, Helsinki, Paris, Stockholm, Brussels, Brazil, and St Lucia.


See our band's webpage.

About 1000 years ago my good friend Doug Freels and I decided to try playing some music together just for fun. It eventually turned into the band which we call Shelter Road Band(no particular reason). The music we play lies somewhere in the Americana/Rock range. We made a CD called Road Back From Nowhere and we play 1-2 gigs a month.  Its for fun. We're certainly not professionals but we're better than we should be given the amount of time we can practice. The band is

Doug Freels (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar)
Robert Stewart (Lead Guitar, Piano, harmonica)
David Sill (Bass, band webmeister)
Dave Sylvester (Drums, guitar, sound engineer) 

We play small gigs at restaurants, bars, outdoor parties, and a couple of local official events such as Race for The Cure and Riverfest. Here are some old pix. Go to band website for recent stuff.

The infamous barn party - small gig but the best time we ever had playing.

An outdoor party - also the best time we ever had playing.

Our first CD...

Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash
Georgia On a Fast Train - Shaver
Last Dance With Mary Jane - Tom Petty
Cocaine - Eric Clapton
Give a Little - Goo-Goo Dolls Version
In A Little While - Uncle Kracker
Proud Mary - CCR
Come as You Are - Nirvana
Sweet Home Alabama (no really) - Lynyrd Skynrd
Live Forever - Shaver
Paradise - John Prine
Knocking On Heaven's Door - Dylan/GNR like thing
Killin Time - Clint Black
WagonWheel - Dylan
tons more...

Road Back From Nowhere
See Her Smile
Shine Again (played on local radio)
Old Chimneys (played on local radio)
Seen It All