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Other links of interest - Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance; Oak Ridge National Lab; Geographic Information Science and Technology Group; University of Illinois School of Public Health

I am currently serving as both a joint faculty assistant professor at the University of Tennessee Geography department and as full time research scientist in the Geographic Information Science and Technology Group (GIST) at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). I also serve as adjuct faculty at the University of Illinois School of Public Health where I engage with faculty in developing educational materials for the SADA project as well as serve on gradute committees.

My educational background includes a B.S. double major in mathematics and statistics, a M.S. in mathematics (numerical analysis), and a Ph.D. in Geography (GIS, spatial modeling) all earned at the University of Tennessee. Risk assessment and decision analysis are recurring themes in my research and include problem domains ranging from mitigation of toxicological and radiological pollution risks to population dynamics.

Prior to my current positions I was a senior research associate in The Institute for Environmental Modeling (TIEM) at the University of Tennessee from 1994 - 2009 where I primarily developed and directed the Spatial Analysis and Decision Assistance software program (SADA). SADA is a Windows based software that integrates geospatial analysis tools, human health risk assessment cost benefit analysis, secondary sampling design, remedial decision making, statistical analysis, and visualization methods in a single streamlined easy to use package engineered to make the connection between scientific analysis and decision analysis more direct. SADA is now deployed world wide and continues to gain interest from both private sector and governmental agencies. SADA is currently funded by the EPA and the NRC. I am continuing that work now as an assistant professor, collaborating closely with TIEM on advancing SADA in addition to proposal development and teaching (as needed) activities within Geography.

My work at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory currently centers on population dyanmics, specifically how people are spatio-temporaly distributed and the implications of that pattern in terms of risk.