Learning Contract


Name _______Chad Bates_____________ Course ____EP 520______________ Semester _Fall 2009____________


Purpose (Objective)

Process (Resources and Strategies)

Product (Evidence)

Target Date for Completion

1. Make up missed class tie from class on August 21st.




2. Make up missed class time from class on August 22nd.



3. Learning Act. #1: Post to course blog site a minimum of once weekly entire semester




4. Learning Act. #2: a) To become knowledgeable of different philosophies for adult education. b) To be able to express my own philosophy statement.



5. Learning Act. #3: a) To learn about an aspect of adult education history. b) To gain experience in presenting ideas in different formats.


6. Learning Act. #4: Term Paper - a) To gain familiarity with topic related to adult education. b) To further develop writing & critical analysis skills. c) To demonstrate familiarity with a wide range of adult education literature sources.

1. CPAE – 1987 Opening Session DVD; watch DVD; take notes, etc., in order to write a summary about the session presented on the DVD.


2. M&B – read the assigned chapters; take notes, etc., in order to write a summary about the information learned.


3. Internet / Computer – use course readings and classmate “discussions” to make my own post, or respond to a classmate’s post, on blog site – to gain other’s perspectives of readings


4. Read Elias & Merriam, Chapter Two from The Profession of Adult Education, Hiemstra’s chapter from Ethical Issues in Adult Education, and any other sources to familiarize myself with philosophical positions.


5. Read Ch. 3 of M&B, plus additional resources to become familiar with history of adult education.


6. Identify and read sources that are related to my topic. I will use a wide variety of sources, such as articles, chapters, class notes, readings, the Internet, etc., in order to find more the same type of information.

1. 2 – 3 page paper summarizing the main topics discussed on the DVD.




2. 2 – 3 page paper summarizing the main topics written in the readings



3. Postings to blog site with my name on them




4. 4 – 6 double-spaced page paper written on my philosophy of adult education





5. Create a website – designed around Malcolm Knowles & andragogy.



6. Write a 12 – 18 page, double-spaced paper about Jack Mezirow and his theory of transformational learning.

1. Sept. 18th / 19th





2. Sept. 18th/ 19th




3. At least one time per week, entire semester



4. Sept. 28th







5. Oct. 23rd / 24th




6. Nov. 13th / 14th