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SMART Board Training/Presentation Practice Room

Reservation Checklist

The Presentation Practice Room within The Commons is equipped with a SMART Board and software as used in many of the OIT Technology Enhanced Classrooms across campus. You must receive training in order to use the SMART Board. OIT's Student Technology Assistants for Research and Teaching (START) or The Commons staff will assist you. If you would like to schedule training or reserve the Presentation Practice Room, please complete the form below. You will need to bring your laptop computer or check out a computer from The Commons. You will need to install the SMART Board software onto any personal laptop computer you will be connecting to the SMART Board. Download the software via the link at the bottom of the form.

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UTK Status (Select one that best applies):
Presentation for:
Have you received training from the Innovative Technology Center on the SMART Board or SMART Sympodium?
Do you require a Laptop?
Do you have SMART Board Software Version 9.0 or higher (Version 8.0 for Mac OS X) installed on the laptop you will be using with the SMART Board?

(If no, you will need to download and install the SMART Board software onto the laptop that you will use to interact with the SMART Board. Click on the appropriate link to begin downloading the software. Windows or Mac OS X

Enter your preferred dates and times for SMART Board Training or Presentation Practice Room reservation below.

SMART Board Training (1/2 hour):

Presentation Practice Room (1 hour):

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