The Student Space Technology Association at UTK
A student-managed, academic engineering team since 2015.


The Student Space Technology Association is an independent, student-led engineering team with a faculty advisor, Dr. Lyne of the MABE Department. Our projects have included several different designs for an atmospheric science high altitude balloon, rockets made from off the shelf parts, active in-flight rocket stabilization, and most recently several static tests of a hybrid rocket as we prepare it to carry payloads this coming fall/spring.


The SSTA is the largest group of UT students seeking employment in the U.S. Aerospace and Defense sector, the world’s leading innovator and producer of technologically advanced aircraft, space and defense systems [that] supports one of the largest high-skill and high-wage workforces in the nation [1] . Many of our members have attended NASA or other aerospace-related internships. We also host industry speakers in person and over skype each semester.

Gain Experience

We welcome everyone regardless of previous experience or lack thereof. In fact, our main recruitment demographic consists of primarily freshmen and sophomores while our regular member base consists of sophomores through graduate students. We are here to learn together by working on projects meaningful to our professional interests.

Space Advocacy and Outreach

The SSTA and UTARC contacted the international space station as a host of the NASA-Sponsored Amateur Radio on the International Space Station event. We have worked with the Planetary Society and Students for the Exploration and Development of Space to host space advocacy events. We are bringing space a little closer to Knoxville.

Project Funding

The gears of any engineering project are lubricated by the sweet, sweet oil of the USD. Projects and budgets are proposed by members, voted on by members, and funded by the Student Space Technology Association. There are several projects that run concurrently throughout a semester and members break into smaller teams to work on the projects after a quick meeting.

Interested in Joining?

Undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Tennessee can join the SSTA at any time during their academic career, but it is helpful to join at the start of a semester as our projects start and you are on a team from day 1 of the project.

We always welcome newcomers!

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