Monte Carlo Simulation


These programs form an introduction to Monte Carlo simulation of electron transport in solids. The programs are designed for a Windows 95 or 98 system, but will run under Win 3.1 as well. Full details of the algorithms used can be found in "Monte Carlo Modeling for Microscopy and Microanalysis", D. C. Joy, Oxford University Press (1995)

The executable file is Lehigh2001.exe and you may also need to load VB40032.dll unless it is already present on your system. If you do download the VB40032.dll file, merely double click on the icon and it will self extract. The Microsoft Word document "Read me" contains a detailed description of how to use the programs. Four option are currently provided:

    (a)     A random walk-- a guide to using Monte Carlo Simulation

    (b)     A single Scattering Monte Carlo Simulation for thin foils

    (c)     A Plural Scattering Monte Carlo Simulation for bulk samples

    (d)     A plural Scattering Monte Carlo Simulation of x-ray generation in a bulk sample

These programs are freeware and may be copied. If you use them an acknowledgement would be appreciated.