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Student Media

Policy Guide


  1. The general policy of all student media is to adhere to their stated purposes so that stability may be maintained for the benefit of all staffs, readers, and the general University community, in spite of regular changes in executive and staff positions.
  2. The Personnel Committee of the Media Board has the responsibility for screening candidates and recommending to the Board individuals to serve in the following positions:
    • For The Daily Beacon: Editor-In-Chief, Managing Editor, Chief Copy Editor, and Advertising Manager
    • For The Volunteer: Editor
    • For The Phoenix: Editor
    The Media Board will receive the recommendations of the Personnel Committee, hear any appeals, and make appointments to the aforementioned positions. The Media Board will receive recommendations from the newly appointed personnel for the remaining staff appointments of the respective media.
  3. Editors may suspend any staff member: however, the suspended staff member has the right of appeal to the Media Board.
  4. Student media exist to provide opportunities in journalistic training and experience on the basis of interest, ability, and responsibility.
  5. Staff appointees must be in good academic standing with the University.
  6. All staff members should keep themselves informed of policies as stated in this Code, regularly consult with the Director of Student Media, and seek the Director's opinion in matters of importance to all aspects of the media.
  7. Student media will not discriminate against race, gender, religion, or ethnic origin of individuals.
  8. All students are expected to conform to good taste, taking into account the wide distribution of the media.
  9. Student media adhere to libel, postal, copyright, and other laws and regulations governing the American commercial press.
  10. The Media Board will review annually the budget prepared for all student media by the Director of Student Media.
  11. The University of Tennessee, as publisher of The Daily Beacon, may run official announcements of interest to members of the University community. Appropriate procedures for receiving and publishing these announcements as advertisements will be established by the Director of Student Media, and the announcements will be given priority for publication.


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