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Student Media

Business Policy

  1. The business management of each student media will be conducted on the basis of generally accepted commercial business practices for both print and electronic editions.
  2. Advertisements should be designated by the word "advertisement" on the copy in any instance in which the text or pictures are not clearly recognizable as advertising matter. Political advertisements must be marked by the words "political advertisement paid for by _____________________________." Public service advertisements must be identified with the source.
  3. Pictures of persons may not be used in advertisements without the written permission of those persons. When claims accompanying the picture of a person in the advertisement are attributed to him/her, his/her written permission to be quoted in the copy must be obtained by the advertiser.
  4. Advertisements known to be false or misleading will not be accepted for publication. Published advertising thought to be false of misleading should be referred to the proper advertising or business regulatory agency.
  5. All campus political parties and factions will receive equal advertising opportunities and rates. Parties must meet copy deadlines, and full cash payment in advance will be required for all political advertisements.
  6. Advertisements which are contrary to University policies or which violate the laws of the State of Tennessee or the United States will not be accepted.
  7. The advertising manager may reject any advertising for good reason.


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