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We are working with the administration to better UT's coal contract and consumption.
We are also working with the administration on green dining and about UT getting green roofs.

Focus the Nation is a major new educational initiative on global warming. This workshop will provide you with an opportunity to help build a national conversation about stabilizing the world's climate and moving towards a hopeful, clean-energy future.

Focus the Nation, which was officially launched at a similar NE workshop at Middlebury, Vermont in September, is an educational initiative helping the American public to collaboratively discuss and act upon the theme of "Stabilizing the Climate in the 21st Century." The leaders of this initiative will be coordinated teams of faculty, students, and staff at thousands of colleges, universities and high schools across the nation. From their bases at diverse educational institutions, these teams will closely collaborate with a wide range of neighboring religious, civic and business organizations.

Focus the Nation will culminate with national symposia that will be held simultaneously on thousands of campuses across the country in January of 2008. As they will occur early in the 2008 political primary season, these symposia will provide participants an opportunity to engage political candidates from across the country and at all levels of government in non-partisan, campus-based discussions of climate solutions, thereby laying the groundwork for a truly national dialogue on clean-energy policy options for the next decade.

In order to begin to design and execute this ambitious initiative, there was a one-day Southeastern US launch workshop for Focus the Nation, which occured on November 18 (Saturday) at the University of the South in Sewanee, TN. During this participatory workshop, the Focus the Nation concept was presented, and faculty, students and staff discussed how to build leadership of Focus the Nation on their campuses, in their communities, and throughout the Southeast. Noted author Mike Tidwell was the keynote speaker of this workshop.

Who should get involved with planning the Focus the Nation event? All university, college, high school and middle school faculty, students and staff concerned about global warming; concerned citizens are also welcome to help. As educators ourselves, we strongly believe that Focus the Nation will be a rich opportunity to help lead and catalyze a process which indeed will focus the nation around a non-partisan, reasoned, campus-led discussion about the scientific, economic, political, philosophic, aesthetic and moral dimensions of this essential 21st century issue.

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