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Soundings: An Interdisciplinary Journal

Volume 90.1-2 (Spring/Summer 2007)

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Publication date: January 2008.

A Special Issue of Soundings on Emergence Theory Edited by Jan Trembley and Anne Dalke

  • Jan Trembley and Anne Dalke - Introduction: The Nature of Things
  • Paul Grobstein - From Complexity to Emergence and Beyond: Towards Empirical Non-Foundationalism as a Guide for Inquiry
  • Tim Burke - Complexity and Causation
  • Mark Kuperberg - The Two Faces of Emergence in Economics
  • Anne Dalke - Where Words Arise and Wherefore: Literature and Literary Theory as Forms of Exploration
  • K. David Harrison and Eric Raimy - Language as an Emergent System
  • Karen Greif - Can We Model a Cell? Emergent Approaches to Biological Research
  • A. M. Albano - Termite Computers: Entropy Is What You Don't Know