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Fall Recruitment 2017

The brothers of Sigma Nu participated in the August 2017 IFC Recruitment process. The week started off with their annual bar-b-que at the home of a local alumni on Lake Loudon. The chapter signed the largest candidate class in recent memory. In November, the chapter initiated the largest new member class on campus with 50 new brothers joining the Epsilon Eta chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity. Also, the new brothers were recognized as having the highest new member class GPA among the large IFC fraternities.

Fall Recruitment 2017 01Fall Recruitment 2017 02 Fall Recruitment 2017 03 Fall Recruitment 2017 04 Fall Recruitment 2017 05

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Big Orange Give – Greek Challenge

In early November, the UT Foundation conducted Big Orange Give. It was the opportunity for UT to raise one million dollars in one day. As part of the Big Orange Give campaign, the University conducted the Greek Challenge. The Greek Challenge was sponsored by Ron and Don Frieson (Kappa Alpha Psi). Greek organizations from IFC, NPC, NPHC, and MGC competed against each other in two categories: Orange (more than 100 members) and White (100 members or less). The organization with the most donors (not the most money raised) won $5,000. The minimum donations was $5. As a part of the Greek Challenge, UT created the Sigma Nu Enrichment Fund. The chapter will receive the $5,300 raised from the Greek Challenge.

Sigma Nu finished second with 329 donors behind Pi Beta Phi. Sigma Nu would like to thank the many alumni and chapter family members who helped us finish a strong second place in the Greek Challenge.

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Homecoming 2017

The chapter participated in Homecoming this year with Delta Zeta. They entered the large float competition, large banner competition, tower of cans, anything goes, chalk drawing and the Smokey’s Howl competition. The two groups spent hours pomping, painting and practicing for Smokey’s Howl.

Homecoming Banner CompitionSmokey's Howl Competition Float Competition 2018 1Float Competition 2018 2

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Annual Family Weekend 2017 Dinner

The chapter sponsored their 7th annual Family Weekend Dinner on Friday, September 22nd at The Foundry on the World’s Fair site. The chapter welcomed 290 brothers and family members to The Foundry. Each brother had the opportunity to introduce their family to the chapter. The program consisted of updates on the chapter from the Commander and Lt. Commander. Immediately after the event the chapter held an Open House at 1824 Fraternity Park Drive for tours of the house.

Annual Family Weekend 2017 Dinner 01Annual Family Weekend 2017 Dinner 02 Annual Family Weekend 2017 Dinner 03Annual Family Weekend 2017 Dinner 04

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Alumni Scholarships Awarded

For the past two years alumni of the chapter have worked to contribute money to a new scholarship to honor two brothers from their era who passed away. The Dan Tindall (EH#1525)/Steve Curtis (EH#727) Alumni Scholarship was created. Last year, two $3,000 scholarships were awarded. This year, on Saturday afternoon before the LSU game, four brothers received $3,000 scholarships. All four are in the Top 10 cumulative GPAs in the chapter and have an average GPA of 3.88. This year’s award winners are listed below.

Myles Crichton, a junior accounting major from Burlington, Canada. Luke McConnell, a junior majoring in business analytics from Murfreesboro, TN. Alex Sarno, a junior Kinesiology/Pre-Med major from Branford, Connecticut. Andrew Testerman, a senior majoring in supply chain management from Rogersville, Tennessee.

Alumni Scholarships Awarded 01Alumni Scholarships Awarded 02

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Brothers take New Orleans for Spring 2018 Formal

The chapter spent the week of April 13th and 14th in New Orleans for the chapters annual spring formal. The brothers took charter buses for the nine hour ride to New Orleans. Once in New Orleans the chapter stayed at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans and rented a New Orleans hot spot for the Saturday night event. It was the first time that many of the brothers had enjoyed the sights and sounds of New Orleans.

Brothers take New Orleans for Spring 2018 Formal 01Brothers take New Orleans for Spring 2018 Formal 02 Brothers take New Orleans for Spring 2018 Formal 03 Brothers take New Orleans for Spring 2018 Formal 04 Brothers take New Orleans for Spring 2018 Formal 05

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AOII-Sigma Nu win Carnicus 2018

In February 2018, Alpha Omicron Pi and Sigma Nu joined to win Carnicus 2018. This was the second year in a row that Sigma Nu won Carnicus. The two chapters spent weeks writing a skit, practicing the performance and pulling together just the right costumes for the performance. The hours of preparation paid off when it was announced that AOII and Sigma Nu had placed first in the overall competition.

Carnicus has a long and storied past at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. The commonly known beginnings date back to the early 1900’s. In the early part of the 20th century, UT students celebrated the end of the year’s classes with an event called the June Jubilee. It evolved with the Glee Club performing, vaudeville shows by the students, and side shows. In 1911, a circus was added with students dressing as elephants, cows, and other animals. By 1925, the carnival had become a mid-winter carnival held indoors and the circus an outdoor event held in the spring. In 1929, the All Campus Events committee combined the two activities and George Abernathy, a member of the All Students’ Club, coined the word Carnicus. The event ended with the crowning of a Carnicus Queen. As Carnicus evolved over the years, emphasis was placed on the skit competitions, and the parades, dances, and queen crowning were eliminated. Today’s Carnicus competition allows a maximum of ten groups, single or co-ed, from any student organization.

AOII-Sigma Nu win Carnicus 2018 01AOII-Sigma Nu win Carnicus 2018 02 AOII-Sigma Nu win Carnicus 2018 03 AOII-Sigma Nu win Carnicus 2018 04

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