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Camp Koinonia

Camp Koinonia is an outdoor education program for children ages 7-22 who have multiple disabilities. It is a week long residential outdoor education program for over 125 children who have a variety of disabilities, from East Tennessee. The children, ages 7-22 years old, have disabilities including hearing impairment, visual impairment, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, spina bifida, and autism. During the first year of the program a counselor/camper duo submitted the winning name for the program - Camp Koinonia. Koinonia comes from the Greek and means 'fellowship' and 'caring community'. Since that time the purpose and mission of Camp Koinonia has been to provide a 'caring community' for our campers in sense of true 'fellowship'. It is also said of Camp Koinonia that this is...'An Experience That Will Last A Lifetime'. This has proven true for hundreds of individuals over the years. The program is organized, planned, and conducted by 150 University of Tennessee students as part of a course requirement.

For the past five years the brothers of the Epsilon Eta chapter of Sigma Nu have been active participates each spring semester. The brothers spend a week at Camp Koinonia and each brother is assigned to a child to take care of and work with for the week. During spring semester 2010, the chapter raised $2,000 for Camp Koinonia. This year brothers Alan Blizzard and Daniel Alexander were the head student counselors for the camp.

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New Fraternity House

Sigma Nu is the only fraternity on campus who has built a new fraternity house. The $2.1 million house is located on the site of the old Sigma Nu house at 1824 Fraternity Park Drive. The old house was torn down in January 2009 and ground breaking for the new house was in late June 2009. The new fraternity house was opened in March 2010. Sigma Nu built a new, affordable fraternity house that is safe and meets the demands of the twenty-first century college student. The new house is a modern, fully functional fraternity home and includes:

  • a required fire sprinkler system
  • an elevator and other ADA compliance items
  • new smoke and fire detection systems
  • redesigned dorm rooms to include sleeping and expanded storage facilities, and
  • modern computer and information technology connections to the campus community

To see pictures of the demolition and the rebuilding project, please click below:

Sigma Nu House

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Epsilon Eta Tour Neyland Stadium

Each Fall semester the brothers and new candidates tour Neyland Stadium. On the tour they visit the locker room, the post game press room and the luxury boxes.

Neyland Stadium Tour 01 Stadium Tour 02
Stadium Tour 03 Stadium Tour 04

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