Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I contact Sigma Nu?
The Epsilon Eta chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity at the University of Tennessee may be contacted at ( or the chapter Commander Luke McConnell, (615) 849-7773.

Please contact our Recruitment Chair Taylor Bunch,, (423) 817-5093.

How does Sigma Nu differ from the other fraternities?
It was in 1868 when our founding fathers made their purpose clear - to create a fraternal organization unlike any other, one that holds the personal honor and integrity of its membership in the highest regard. Their idea has since become a tradition no on individual could possibly imagine...a legacy of honor, unparalleled in scope, that continues strong today. Since our founding, Sigma Nu Fraternity has initiated over 219,000 Knights into the Legion of Honor and has established over 250 chapters across the United Stated and Canada. Clearly, this tradition of honor created by our founders over 130 years ago has the ability to change lives.

At the University of Tennessee, Sigma Nu provides an experience different from that of all other fraternities. Sigma Nu is not for everyone; this we are proud of. We look for men who desire to do their absolute best in everything they do. Our primary goal is to not only to make you academically successful throughout your college experience, but also to make you a well-rounded gentleman of society. Through Chapter programming such as our award-winning LEAD program and our structured new-member development program, we are confident we can make the difference in your college career.

What are the advantages of joining Sigma Nu?
Sigma Nu is one of the largest fraternities in the world. Once initiated, you are joining a brotherhood of over 219,000 men; networking opportunities are endless. Upon joining our chapter, you are entering a brotherhood of fraternity men to help you through your college experience. We are a non-hazing fraternity with a structured membership program, giving you the tools not only to be successful in college, but for the rest of your life.

A lot of Fraternities claim they don't haze, how will I know who is telling the truth?
Sigma Nu is the only Fraternity in the world founded on non-hazing principles. It's a shame that some men are lied to during the recruitment process. Besides being illegal and immoral, hazing tears houses apart and creates separation between membership classes. The strength of a Chapter's brotherhood is the true test of whether hazing that takes place at that chapter. Trust us when we tell you that a truly strong brotherhood flourishes in the absence of hazing.

What exactly does the candidate program consist of?
It consists of weekly meetings of all the candidate brothers in which the candidates learn about the history and ideals of Sigma Nu. Every candidate is asked to sit down at least once during the semester and speak with each brother for a short time. To acquaint each candidate with the mechanics of running the fraternity once they are initiated, they are elected into offices (just as actives are) and held responsible for that office. This includes everything from planning a party to organizing a charity event. While some fraternities are seeing what they can put you through, we are teaching you how to be a successful active.

I want to know more about L.E.A.D, and is the program only for Candidates?
LEAD is a four-year leadership and development program for Sigma Nu collegians. After the development stages, Active Brothers are encouraged to continue to participate in the later stages of L.E.A.D. It began in 1989 with an investment of more than $10 million.  The purpose of LEAD is to develop ethical leaders, transformational leaders who will make an impact on their chapter, leaders who will promote social change in their campus and community.  LEAD sessions utilize exercises, simulations, case studies and discussion to highlight leadership issues that students currently face in their chapters.  Each phase within the four-phase program includes its own curriculum.  Sessions are interactive and allow participants to learn by doing.

What are the details of your chapter's academic program?
Academics are a primary focus of our Fraternity. Our academic program begins during your first semester in the house. Our new members have monitored study hours per week, participate in our mentoring program, and must achieve over a designated grade point average in order to get initiated. Once initiated, active members must participate in limited study hours if their grade point average drops below a designated GPA.

What will my responsibility to the fraternity be?
All members of our chapter are required to complete the Phase of our membership develop program (LEAD) corresponding with your year in the house. New members are required to complete nine monitored study hours per week, fulfill their house duties, and participate with the rest of the chapter in our designated driver program. Overall, we at Sigma Nu truly believe that "there is no just getting by." Just as with academics, you will get out what you put into this great Fraternity.

How does Sigma Nu compare in size with other fraternities?
The average size at UT is 80-85 and our membership spring 2016 was over 120 brothers.

How involved in campus organizations are members of your fraternity?
Every new member is encouraged to join at least one campus organization. Members of Sigma Nu are involved in everything from Freshmen Council, being RAs and OLs, Ignite Leaders, The Cross--Greek Christian Ministry, Student Senate, Executive Undergraduate program, Habitat for Humanity, ACE (All Campus Events), and SAA (Student Alumni Associates) just to name a few. Many members, however, choose to involve themselves in more than one organization. Sigma Nu is about developing leaders in all facets of life, not only of the fraternity.

How involved are your members in intramural sports?
Sigma Nu takes advantage of all intramural activities. If our members aren't participating in sports they are on the sidelines cheering on our brothers. We find success on the courts and fields of all the intramural sports we participate in.

How do I join a fraternity?
Your first step to joining a fraternity is participating in the recruitment activities we offer at the beginning of each academic semester.

What is formal rush? What do I have to do?
Formal recruitment is the time where non-affiliated guys visit fraternities to see if they are interested in "pledging" or becoming a fraternity member at the beginning of the term. Even if you aren't interested in joining a fraternity, recruitment is a great way to meet people on campus. During rush, guys check-out fraternities, and fraternities meet those guys that are interested in joining a fraternity. When you go through rush, do not hesitate to ask tough questions. Research the chapters you may be interested in-just because a friend of yours is interested in one chapter does not mean that chapter will be right for you. Ask each fraternity about hazing, academics/required GPA, social and philanthropic activities, campus involvement, intramurals, and national fraternity and alumni activities. Most of all, have fun and be yourself.

What is a bid?
A bid is an invitation from a fraternity to become a member.

How do I get a bid?
Bids are commonly given to a guy that shows interest in joining our house after learning about us. If you know that you want to join, don't hesitate to let the Recruitment Chairs know.

My parents don't like fraternities, what should I do?
Many parents have falsely stereotyped fraternities because of the media's portrayal of the Greek system. To fight these stereotypes, encourage your parents to research the purpose of fraternities, specifically Sigma Nu, or to visit the campus, meet members of the brotherhood, talk to local alumni, and visit our web site. It is important to understand that Sigma Nu was established to develop young men as leaders and well-rounded students. We also encourage you to still come out for Recruitment, that way you too can explain to your parents the benefits of being Greek.

What if I don't like it?
We definitely don't want you to feel trapped once you become a candidate. If you feel that you are not comfortable with joining or living at the fraternity, you can let commander or the candidate marshall in the chapter know - we realize that fraternity life is not for everyone.

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