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After-Hours Care:
Nights,Weekends,&Holidays arranged through
UT Medical Center ER
1924 Alcoa Highway

(At UTER present UT ID and Medical Insurance card to be eligible for UT Medical Center student agreement pricing.  Please note that insurance will be accepted; however, insurance deductibles still do apply and students may be responsible for out of pocket costs if deductibles for the year have not yet been met.)

Mental Health Clinic   (865) 974-2251

Mental Health Services offered by the Student Health Center

The Mental Health Clinic (MHC) assists in meeting the mental health needs of our college community by providing psychiatrist assessment and treatment and psychological treatment.

Students who are currently under the care of another mental health provider are encouraged to continue with that relationship. Students who want to establish a treatment relationship with a provider in Knoxville should contact their insurance company for a list of preferred providers. However, students with mental health concerns that are new or not previously addressed, or students that need additional mental health care while at the university, may utilize their services.

The Mental Health Clinic of the Student Health Center does not provide assessment or diagnosis of ADHD.    Students who can provide documentation of a previous adequate evaluation and diagnosis may be treated short-term until private psychiatric follow-up can be arranged off campus.    It is important to note that students do not need to be seen in the Mental Health Clinic first in order to receive a referral to off-campus mental health resources. 

To facilitate coordination of care the Mental Health Clinic (which is a division of the Student Health Center) and the Student Counseling Center are co-located on the second floor of the Student Health Center building and share the same reception area.

Upon arrival, Mental Health Clinic patients are not required to check-in with the Health Center’s receptionists on the first floor. Rather, patients should check-in with the Mental Health Clinic receptionist in the waiting area of the Student Counseling Center on the second floor.

Psychiatric Assessment and Medication Treatment

Generally, a referral from a counselor, psychologist, medical physician, faculty or administrator is required to schedule a psychiatric assessment. However, students experiencing a psychiatric emergency and students with a history of prior or ongoing psychiatric medication treatment may schedule an appointment directly with the psychiatrist, D. Edward Smith, Jr., MD, or psychiatric nurse practitioner, Lucy Kniseley, MSN.

When in doubt whether psychiatric assessment or treatment would be appropriate students should either schedule an appointment with the MHC psychologist (974-2251) or see a psychologist in the Student Counseling Center   on a walk-in basis Monday-Friday 10 am – 3:30 pm.

Psychological Treatment

Psychological evaluations, psychotherapy and short-term counseling are available for students experiencing psychological and physiological symptoms related to stress, medical conditions, and psychological issues. Generally, a referral from the medical staff, faculty, or university administrator is required for psychological treatment with the clinical psychologist. However, graduate students and students with a prior history of psychological treatment may schedule an appointment directly with the psychologist, William K. Hahn, Ph.D.     

Other Resources on Campus for Mental Health Services

The Student Counseling Center is the university's primary facility for personal counseling, psychotherapy, and psychological outreach and consultation services.  Student Counseling Center staff members provide a variety of services for students, faculty, and staff including walk-in intake, crisis intervention, ADHD screenings, individual, couples and group counseling and psychotherapy, and psychoeducational workshops and consultation.
The UT Psychological Clinic is a university-based agency that provides out-patient psychological services to residents of the Knoxville area.  Graduate student clinicians offer quality mental health services to students and residents of the surrounding community at affordable, sliding-scale fees.
The University has developed the VolAware: Distressed Student Protocol as a guide for faculty and staff in helping distressed or distressing students.  If the student’s behavior represents an immediate threat, CALL 911.  If the threat is not immediate, but you are concerned the student may harm self or others call (865) 974-HELP (4357)



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