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(At UTER present UT ID and Medical Insurance card to be eligible for UT Medical Center student agreement pricing.  Please note that insurance will be accepted; however, insurance deductibles still do apply and students may be responsible for out of pocket costs if deductibles for the year have not yet been met.)

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Offering professional, confidential, and competitively-priced prescription service to all students, faculty and staff. Get your prescriptions filled without leaving campus!


The Student Health Center

The Student Health Center provides non-emergent, outpatient medical care for all currently enrolled, eligible students who have paid the Student Health Fee portion of the Programs and Services Fee. You may see a full listing of our clinic options under the Clinics and Services tab above left.

For eligibility verification, students who have never been seen as a patient at the Student Health Center or those carrying < 9 credit hours should first speak with a Health Center Receptionist or call: (865) 974-3648.

The cost of all Health Center Provider visits are covered by each semester's Student Health Fee. However, if you receive any of the following services, there will be additional charges associated with your visit: all lab work, immunizations, injections, x-rays, and disposable medical supplies (i.e. crutches, splints, etc.).

All Health Center Providers are seen by appointment only. Sixty percent of our daily appointments are for same day care through the Acute and Primary Care Clinics. The remaining appointments are reserved for advanced scheduling.

Scheduling Appointments:
Obtain an Acute Care Assessment by contacting the Triage Nurse at (865) 974-5080.
Schedule Same Day Appointments by speaking with an Appointment Clerk at (865) 974-3648.
Schedule Advanced Appointments using the Online Scheduling/Student Health Portal tab above right or by speaking with an Appointment Clerk at (865) 974-3648.

Specialty Care:
Multiple areas of specialty care are offered at the Health Center. Allergy injections, certain immunizations, and physicals for work or other special purposes are provided. Specialty consultants in our General Surgery and Gynecology Clinics can be seen by obtaining a referral from a Health Center clinician. Sports Medicine, Physical Therapy, and Mental Health Care are also available. You may see a full listing of our clinic options under the Clinics and Services tab above left.

Referral to other off-campus specialists can be arranged at the student’s expense. Health insurance information will be required.

Students requiring chronic or complex physical and/or mental health care are expected to make arrangements for private health care at their own expense. The staff of the Student Health Center will assist in the referral process whenever possible.


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