November 8, 1999

Attendees: Bill Blass (chair), Gayle Baker (Co-Vice-Chair), Andy Kramer (Co-Vice- Chair), Masood Parang, Gail White, Debbie Bowles, Pete Wicks, Otto Schwarz, David Hacker, Martha Alligood, Madhu Madhukar, Dania Bilal, Kim Jensen, Zoe Hoyle, Ted Labotka, Doug Birdwell, Surya Singh

Opening Remarks: Research Council chair Bill Blass spoke of Dr. Wade Gilley's inauguration. The President is very interested in research and information technology. He plans to establish and invest in seven "centers of excellence" throughout the UT system. He has established a committee to streamline administration, headed by Chancellor Rice of UT/Memphis. Another Committee, headed by VP McKay of UTSI, is studying information technology. Blass has arranged for several members of Research Council to lunch with Dr. Gilley on Friday, November 12, 1999.

Information Items:

Discussion Items:

Meeting adjourned at 5:10 p.m.