December 6, 1999

Attendees: Bill Blass (chair), Gayle Baker (Co-Vice-Chair), Andy Kramer (Co-Vice-Chair), Kim Jensen, Mike Devine, Zoe Hoyle, Ted Labotka, Surya Singh, Laura Franks, Amy Russell, Ken Walker, Alice Woody, Elizabeth Aversa, Chris Cox, Faye Muly, Ron Maples, Clif Woods, Benjamin Bates, Debbie Bowles

Introductory Remarks: Mike Devine stated that the position of Associate Vice Chancellor for Research has been advertised.

Ken Walker announced that the committee for the SARIF Equipment & Infrastructure met and several proposals were funded. The results are to be announced soon.

No research centers were scheduled for evaluation for Fall 1999.

Tennessee Open Records Law: Alice Woody, Associate General Counsel for the University, spoke about the Tennessee Open Records Law and how it might impact the University of Tennessee. "The Tennessee Open Records Act declares that most records of state agencies, including the University of Tennessee, are open for inspection by citizens of the state." Electronic mail is included in this. This can have a negative affect on confidentiality agreements with research funding sources, unless one submits a "Request for Confidentiality for Sponsored Research Records".

Research Outcomes and Citation Data: Elizabeth Aversa, Director of the School of Information Sciences, delivered a presentation on using citation data to measure research outcomes. (Refer to Objective 5 of "Research & Creative Achievement at UTK: A Self-Study" -- "Monitor research outcomes, productivity, and impact, rather than only input (funding).") Gayle Baker volunteered to form a group to study this in more detail.

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Meeting adjourned at 5:15 p.m.