1998-1999 Research Council Committee Reports

Policy and Procedures Committee


TO: Dr. William Blass, Chair, Research Council

FROM: Dr. Andrew Kramer, Chair, Policy and Procedures Committee

DATE: April 22, 1999

SUBJECT: 1998-1999 Committee Report

The 1998-1999 Policy and Procedures Committee did not have any face- to-face meetings this year, but we have communicated via email. Regarding our charge to "explore the realm of policies and procedures at the University [and] make recommendations to the VC/Research regarding... changes that would enhance the productivity of the research enterprise" we have the following suggestions:

Research Infrastructure Committee

Research Infrastructure Committee
Research Council
University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Co-Chairs: Gayle Baker and Hampersun Bozdogan

Members: Doug Birdwell, Otto Schwarz, Kadesha Washington, Pete Wicks, Tom Garritano

Ex-offcio: Bill Blass, Michael Devine, Faye Muly

The implementation of the Technology Fee has widened the gap between students and faculty with respect to desktop computing resources. This past year the Research Infrastructure Committee focused on the need for centrally funded desktop computing for the faculty by:

Over the summer, department heads and/or appropriate technical personnel within academic units will be surveyed about faculty desktop computers (type and operating system) in their respective units. The committee will analyze the results and present them to Rich Council in the Fall. Examples of faculty workstation programs at other universities will also be investigated.

April 21, 1999


April 22, 1999

TO: Members of Research Council

FROM: Flora Shrode (University Libraries), EPPE Chair

Report from the Exhibit, Performance, and Publication Expenses Fund (EPPE) Committee for 1998/99

The charge to the committee is to solicit and evaluate applications for EPPE grants on a timely basis and make funding recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Research. Committee members this year are: Deborah Baldwin (Psychology), Dania Bilal (School of Information Science), Katherine Greenberg (Psychoeducational Studies), Masood Parang (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering), and Ex-officio members: Gayle Baker (RC V-Chair) and Ken Walker (Assoc. VC/Research).

Requests received this year represented all the types of expenses EPPE traditionally supports, such as manuscript preparation, permission fees for use of photos in publications, page charges, mounting and transport of artworks, and costs associated with film and dance performances.

We approved forty-eight requests and denied only one, which was for reprint charges, an expense that is specifically excluded in the EPPE guidelines. The total funds requested were $44,296, but only $36,882 was approved for expenditure. A complete report of EPPE applications will appear on the web page for the Office of Research (http://www.rautk.edu/ora/funds/eppe.html).

Five faculty members had more than one request approved this year. This was not a problem because there is no limit on the number of applications an individual may submit to the committee. We reviewed each on its own merit and found them worthy of funding. Nevertheless, next year's EPPE committee may wish to consider establishing a formal limit in order to provide funds for more individuals throughout the year. Another possibility may be to take applicants' tenure status into account and to give preference to untenured faculty's requests if the EPPE budget is more limited in FY00.

I appreciate the excellent administrative support Debbie Bowles and Valerie Bales provide from the Office of Research. They manage communication efficiently, distribute materials to the committee members, and maintain the EPPE accounting files.

Chancellor's Research Awards

MEMORANDUM (via e-mail)

TO: Gayle Baker

FROM: Michael M. Gant

SUBJECT: Report of the Faculty Senate Research Council Sub-Committee For The Chancellor's Awards for Research and Creative Achievement and The Chancellor's Awards for Professional Promise in Research and Creative Achievement

DATE: April 16, 1999

On Tuesday, March 9, 1999 the aforementioned sub-committee, consisting of Martha Alligood, Linda Bensel-Myers, Bill Blass, Terri Combs-Orme, Michael Devine, Michael Gant (chair), David Hacker, Kim Jensen, Madhu Madhukar and Ken Walker met to discuss this year's recommendations for the Chancellor's Awards in Research and Creative Achievement. There were fifteen nominations for the 'senior' awards, and fifteen for the Professional Promise awards.

The sub-committee recommended that the following individuals receive the awards:

Centers Evaluation

Centers Reviewed in Fall 1998

Centers Reviewed in Spring 1999

The following Centers are currently being reviewed:

Special Projects Committee

Special Projects Committee of Research Council
Report 1998-1999
Kim Jensen- Chair

The Special Projects Committee was involved in two primary projects during 1998-99. First, committee members worked with faculty outside the committee (both from and outside Research Council) to evaluate research project summaries for inclusion in the upcoming issue of Explorations. Second, committee members worked to draft the Report to the Faculty Senate Tenure Policy Coordinating Committee regarding tenure and promotion policies. The report outlined procedures regarding evaluation of research and creative achievement for the purposes of implementing the new Tenure and Promotion policies as outlined by the Board of Trustees. The report was a compilation of issues and procedures developed through full meetings of the Council. The report was forwarded from the Research Council to the Tenure Policy Coordinating Committee of the Faculty Senate chaired by Bob Glenn. A document combining reports from the Faculty Affairs and Budget Committees, the Teaching and Research Councils was put before the Faculty Senate for approval, with a set of 8 resolutions which were passed by the Senate. The Senate approved report and resolutions were then used by the Task Force working with John Peters to finalize changes to the Faculty Handbook for the purposes of implementing the Tenure and Promotion Policies as outlined by the Board of Trustees. More detailed procedural issues will be used in a related handbook for promotion, tenure, and evaluation which is under draft.