October 26, 1998


Attendees: Bill Blass (chair), Gayle Baker (co-chair), Kim Jensen (co-chair), Benjamin Bates, Tammy Berry, Ham Bozdogan, Debbie Bowles, Terri Combs-Orme, Zoë Hoyle, Andy Kramer, Brenda Lawson, Madhu Madhukar, Ron Maples, Otto Schwarz, Flora Shrode, Phyllis Turner, Ken Walker, Kadesha Washington, Carolyn Webb.

Opening Remarks: Bill Blass called the meeting to order. Blass briefly commented on the bid for a 45-megabit Internet connection. The contract has been awarded (or in the process) and the connection should be available in 45 days.

If RC is interested Blass offered to have a presentation given on high-bandwidth networking and Internet II. This presentation would include a SURA video on the available projects and research applications.

Walker discussed the letter from Chancellor Snyder regarding the change in the policy of research incentive funds. Recommendations for these changes came from the Research & Creative Achievement Self-Study document. This report recommended the following two items be addressed:

  1. Research incentive funds (indirect costs) be put into identifiable accounts, and
  2. Funds carry-over from year to year.

This memo addresses both issues. Units will have a separate E-budget with a research function for research incentive funds. In the past it has been very difficult to carry-over more than 30% of a unit’s funds. The new policy will allow units to carry-over more than 30% of their funds if a specific reason is given, which will allow funds to accumulate for equipment purchases, maintenance repairs, etc.

Blass proposed that RC prepare a letter to Deans, Dept. Heads, Directors and Faculty regarding the changes in the policy on research incentive funds. It was noted that very few faculty have seen this memo or even heard of the changes. RC agreed that the information should be sent to all faculty. Dr. Walker agreed to discuss with Dr. Devine about sending a statement out via Research Good News.

Walker discussed the handout “Table 2 – Faculty Activities”. This is a “sample” form to report faculty members’ research productivity. Blass commented that this is a current issue, as part of the post-tenure review. The deans have asked what is the best way to measure a faculty member’s research creativity/productivity and keep that information updated.

RC Issues for Action/Discussion: Blass and Jensen discussed the list of issues for action/discussion from the last meeting. This list was sent out via email to RC for comments. The following issues received the most comments:

The question before the RC was “how does the council want to respond to these issues – should the issues be given to committees for suggestions, or discussed as a whole by the council?”

Proposed Actions of the Chair: Blass suggested using the handout “Proposed Actions of the Chair” to deal with some of these issues. Blass went over the proposed actions and asked if this was agreeable with the council. All were in favor of proposed actions.

Graduate School Issues: Blass appointed an AdHoc committee to deal Graduate Student Issues and to bring recommendations back to the council. He appointed the following council members to Graduate Research Development Committee (GRD): Andy Kramer (chair), Kadesha Washington, Benjamin Bates, Otto Schwarz. The charge to this committee is to look into:

  1. Creative solutions for increasing graduate student stipends
  2. Targeting MS/Ph.D. alumni
  3. A Graduate Education fund
  4. Graduate student scholarship designations The committee is to address these issues and give a progress report at next meeting.

    The question was asked “what is the Graduate School is doing to increase graduate stipends?” Blass offered to invite a representative of the Graduate School to the November meeting, (either Dr. C.W. Minkel or Dr. Jan Allen) to address this question. Blass will also invite Dr. John Peters.

    Blass discussed the “draft” letter to the Chancellor regarding the Research Self-Study document. This letter requests the Chancellor to give periodic reports on the progress toward the goals identified in the Research Self-Study document. Blass asked for the council’s approval to send this letter. A motion was made and seconded.

    New Business: Blass believes the RC should recommend to the VC-DII and the Faculty Senate the establishment of the four committees:

    1. Faculty Senate Advisory Committee to the VC/DII
    2. Faculty, Staff & Student Technical-Policy Advisory Committee to TNS
    3. Faculty, Staff & Student Technical-Policy Advisory Committee to CAS
    4. Faculty, Staff & Student Technical-Policy Advisory Committee to ITC

    Mark Miller (Chair of Senate) has discussed creating a Faculty Senate Advisory Committee with VC Mettlen, but Blass believes there also needs to be a Technical-Policy Committee for each of the operating units.

    Baker discussed the Citation Analyses. Beginning in November a test access to Web of Science will be available for one month. This access will not be open to whole campus, but Baker will email information to council members about accessing.

    Meeting adjourned 5:00 p.m.