UTK Research   Council

Research Council Agenda

Monday, October 26, 1998

3:30 PM, 8th Floor Board Room, Andy Holt Tower

  1. 3:30 Opening remarksóChair

  2. 3:35 News on Research Incentive FundsóWalker

  3. 3:45 Proposal to disseminate this information to all facultyóChair

  4. 3:48 Distribution of issues list from last meeting. Brief discussion. What are the wishes of the Council? -- Jensen

  5. 3:58 Proposal to recommend several Information Infrastructure advisory committees. See issues list item I.E7. Proposal to recommend that the first order of business for the proposed Faculty Senate DII Advisory Committee is to determine what should be the minimum, centrally provided, computing and network support for faculty members.óChair

  6. 4:15 Discussion of Graduate Student Issues. Council should select principal Graduate Student issue(s) focus for 1998/99,

  7. 4:45 Old Business

  8. New Business
  9. Adjourn

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