UTK Research Council Committees, 1997-1998

Standing Committees

Policies and Procedures
Charge: To explore the realm of policies and procedures at the University with special attention to policies and procedures which have not evolved consistent with the University's development as a Research I University. To make recommendations to the VC/Research regarding desirable policy and procedure changes that would enhance the productivity of the research enterprise.
Chair: Jim Adcock
Members: Debora Baldwin, Andrew Kramer, Madhu Madhukar
Ex-officio: Michael Devine (VC/Research), Ken Walker (Assoc. VC/Research), or designate(s), representatives from appropriate business and finance offices.

Research Promotion and Education
Charge: To work with the Research Office to educate the community -- University as well as Statewide -- regarding the research activities of the University. To promote awareness of the activities and achievements of the research enterprise.
Chair: Kim Jensen
Members: Gayle Baker , Benjamin Bates, Dennie Kelley, Ted Paludin, Dwight Teeter
Ex-officio: Michael Devine (VC/Research) or designate(s)
News Center: Mike Bradley (to be invited)

Research Infrastructure
Charge: To determine and prioritize research infrastructure needs in consultation with the research faculty. To engage the Chancellor's Staff in a substantive dialog regarding Research Infrastructure funding models such as the Library Model versus a Cost Recovery Model. To provide an assessment of the likely impact of funding model choices on Faculty productivity, graduate education, and our Research I status. To integrate into an annual research infrastructure needs document all committee assessments.
Chair: Gayle Baker
Members: Martha Alligood , Linda Bensel-Myers, Doug Birdwell, Kerry Henry, Pete Wicks, Tom Garritano (UT OARS), Terry Moore (Network Services)
Ex-officio: Bill Blass (RC Chair), Michael Devine (VC/Research), Susan Mettlen (VC/DII)

Special Panels

Chancellor Research Awards
Charge: To solicit nominations, receive nominations, evaluate nominations materials and make recommendations to the Chancellor for the awards.
Chair: Michael Gant
Members: Linda Bensel-Myers, Terri Combs-Orme, Kula Misra, Flora Shrode
Ex-officio: Kim Jensen (RC V-Chair), Bill Blass (RC Chair), Michael Devine (VC/Research)

SARIF: Summer Special Research Assistants
Charge: To solicit nominations, receive nominations, evaluate nominations materials and make recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for Research for the awarding of the funding.
Chair: Ravi Krishnan
Members: Pat Fisher, Katherine Greenberg, Leslie Hickok, Kim Jensen
Ex-officio: Bill Blass (RC Chair), Ken Walker (Assoc. VC/Research)

Charge: To solicit and evaluate applicatons for EPPE grants on a timely basis and make recommendations to Vice Chancellor for Research for funding.
Chair: Flora Shrode
Members: Debora Baldwin, Mike Keene, Pete Wicks
Ex-officio: Kim Jensen (RC V-Chair), Ken Walker (Assoc. VC/Research)
Administrative Support: Jodie Wehr

Centers Evaluation
Charge: To evaluate Research Centers on an ongoing periodic basis and recommend to the Vice Chancellor for Research the disposition of renewal requests; to perform the same evaluation for new applications for Research Center status.
Chair: Burt English
Members: Linda Bensel-Myers, Paula Kaufman, Madhu Madhukar, Ray Popp
Ex-officio: Gayle Baker (RC V-Chair), Ken Walker (Assoc. VC/Research)

Ad Hoc Committees

Special Projects
Charge: To engage in activities which will raise Community awareness of UTK research activities and results. To promote the participation of all faculty in scholarly and research activities. Specific projects shall include the RC web page, a public lecture series, and the promotion of small grant applications.
Co-Chairs: Gayle Baker, Kim Jensen
Members: Bill Blass, Pat Fisher, Mike Keene
Ex-officio: Ken Walker (Assoc. VC/Research)

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