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Purpose: To provide recognition for excellence of research communication through the World Wide Web by research units at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Congratulations to the following UTK WWW sites for excellence of research communication:

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Eligible Sites: Web sites (urls) authored by or for Departments, Divisions, Centers, or Groups with research functions at UTK.

Criteria for Awards:

  • Communication of Research Information-The Web sites should communicate   information about ongoing research programs conducted by the research unit. In   particular, emphasis should be given to how well the site potentially communicates research to a wide audience, including professional peers, students, industry, clientele, granting agencies, and the general public. Research information can encompass a variety of formats including project or program summaries, descriptions of specific projects, or summaries of faculty research interests.
  • Appearance -The appearance of the Web site should be compatible with the communication of the research information. The site should not only be attractive in appearance, but should also reflect the research subject matter.
  • User Friendly -The research information in the Web site should be easily accessible. Ideally the research information should be at or near the home page. The page containing the research information and the access pages (such as the unit's home page) should not take inordinate amounts of time to pull up or result in system crashes.
  • Pointers to Other Research Sites -Pointers to other research web sites, such as research groups or research resources is desirable.
  • Evaluation Team: Members from Research Council (Ad Hoc Projects Committee along with other volunteers). Sites will be evaluated annually.

-Feedback:  If you have questions or comments regarding these awards, please contact Kim Jensen

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-Note: Awardees may use the jpg logo file in their site. [Image]