April 28, 1997

Attendees: Bill Blass, Chair, Jim Adcock, Gayle Baker, Doug Birdwell, Chris Cox, Mike Devine, David Dobbs, Burton English, Michael Gant, Dorothy Habel, Robin Hardin, Zoe Hoyle, Kim Jensen, Paula Kaufman, Dennie Kelley, Mike Keene, Dennie Kelley, Ron Maples, Lillian Mashburn, Kula Misra, Ben Oliver, Steve Pulik, Kerry Richardson, Hal Schmitt, John Schultz, Ken Walker, Carolyn Webb, Jodie Wehr, and Gail White.

General Comments: Because of Devine's sore throat/laryngitis, Blass conveyed Devine's thanks to the Research Council for all their efforts this past year. The Office of Research budget, as presented to the Chancellor, was distributed to members. Walker also expressed his thanks to the members, especially those involved in the EPPE, GRA, and Center Review panels. Co-Vice Chairs Baker and Jensen also expressed their gratitude to members and look forward to working with members next year.

Comments by the Chair: Blass stated that the FIS proposal will go to the Faculty Senate on Monday, May 5 and will be voted on either Monday or the first meeting in the fall. The RC Bylaws will also be forwarded to the Faculty Senate on Monday. Kelley commented that the Public Relations committee had some good ideas last year and inquired about the status of this committee. Blass commented that the report would be salvaged and the ideas utilized in the future. Blass suggested that the Council and the Office of Research consider providing awards to recognize outstanding graduate students. Adcock commented that the Chemistry department recognizes graduate students in their Honor's Day program. It was also suggested that the WWW be utilized to recognize outstanding students.

Committee Reports:

Special Projects: Jensen commented that the committee has been assisting the Office of Research in reviewing summaries for the biennial review. Hoyle stated that 120 articles will be featured. She hopes the review will be published by June 1997. Also, if anyone would like to suggest a title for this review, please e-mail Hoyle (

Policy and Procedures: Adcock commented that Vice Chancellor Mettlen was helpful in implementing an on-line computer procurement system. Birdwell commented that there are still a few bugs in the system. Walker stated that OR would work with Hamilton, Maples and others on Agenda 4, Item 2 (user's fees for scientific equipment). Birdwell suggested that the P&P items be included in the report to the Faculty Senate.

EPPE: Habel stated that the committee will continue to function throughout the summer. She hoped that EPPE funds would be protected from budget cuts.

Chancellor's Research Awards: Gant stated that reviewing these applications were a lot of work but a nice "tonic" for morale. He urged other members to consider serving on this committee. Also, this was the first year that Art and Law faculty received this award.

Summer GRA: Oliver felt this was an excellent committee. He also requested that this program be protected from budget cuts.

Other Comments: Lillian Mashburn announced that Ron Petersen (Botany), was presenting an exhibit at the Coalition for National Science Foundation in Washington, DC on April 30. Also, a similar program involving the Department of Defense is being planned and Don Bouldin (EE) will represent UTK.

Hal Schmitt announced a series of four workshops sponsored by the Office of Research and the Office of Industry Programs and Technology Transfer. The first workshop will be held on April 29. The others are scheduled for Fall 1997. Oliver questioned if decisions on patents were made internally. Currently there is an outside advisory committee to UTRC; although their recommendation may be re-evaluated by UTRC. Birdwell asked about the function of the Office of Industry Programs and Technology Transfer as opposed to UTRC. IPATT assists in processing disclosures and the handling of intellectual property. Schmitt also stated that IPATT supplements some of the functions of UTRC but does not duplicate them.

Call for Nominations: Two nominations (other than for Blass) were submitted by English but these nominations were declined. A motion was passed to close the nominations. Blass was elected for another term. Blass encouraged members to send him ideas and suggested projects for the fall. Also, any member who is rotating of the Council this year, should inform Blass if they wold like to serve another year.