UTK Research Council Committees, 1995-1996

Standing Committees

Charge: To solicit and evaluate applicatons for EPPE grants on a timely basis and make recommendations to AVC/Research for funding.
Chair: Dorothy Habel
Members: Earl Wehry, Michael Keene, Michael Gant
Ex-officio: Bill Blass (Chair, Research Council), Ken Walker (Assoc. VC/Research)
Administrative Support: Jodie Wehr

Centers Evaluation
Charge: To evaluate Research Centers on an ongoing periodic basis and recommend to the AVC/Research the disposition of renewal requests; to perform the same evaluation for new applications for Research Center status.
Chair: Pat Fisher
Members: Paula Kaufman, Ben Oliver, Michael Gant
Ex-officio: Bill Blass (Chair, Research Council), Ken Walker (Assoc. VC/Research)

Policies and Procedures
Charge: To explore the realm of policies and procedures at the University with special attention to policies and procedures which have not evolved consistent with the University's development as a Research I University. To make recommendations to the AVC/Research regarding desirable policy and procedure changes that would enhance the productivity of the research enterprise.
Chair: Jim Adcock
Members: Ray Popp, Bobbie Bledsoe, Paula Kaufman, Andrew Kramer, David Dobbs
Ex-officio: Chris Cox, Phyllis Turner, representative from VC Hamilton's Office

Research Advancement
Charge: To work with the ORA Research Advancement Group to educate the community -- University as well as Statewide -- regarding the research activities of the University. To promote awareness of the activities and achievements of the research enterprise.
Chair: Kim Jensen
Members: Ted Paludin, Dwight Teeter, David Bemis, Michael Keene, Burt English
Ex-officio: Tom Garritano, Lillian Mashburn
News Center: Mike Bradley (to be invited)

Research Practices
Charge: To explore the research realm to identify areas needing attention by the Council in matters of compliance, research ethics, research faculty - research student interaction, research data archiving, e-mail as research record and recommendations on retention and archiving of e-mail. To bring matters of concern to the Council as a whole for discussion and disposition.
Chair: Dwight Teeter
Members: David Bemis, Ravi Krishnan, Andrew Kramer, Mike Singletary, Dennie Kelley, Larry Ratner
Ex-officio: Steve Pulik

Special Panels

Chancellor Research Awards
Charge: To solicit nominations, receive nominations, evaluate nominations materials and make recommendations to the Chancellor for the awards.
Chair: Michael Gant
Members: Michael Keene, Andrew Kramer, Pat Fisher, Kula Misra
Ex-officio: Bill Blass (Chair RC), Ken Walker (Assoc. VC/Research)

SARIF: Summer Special Research Assistants
Charge: To solicit nominations, receive nominations, evaluate nominations materials and make recommendations to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Research for the awarding of the funding.
Chair:Ben Oliver
Members:Dorothy Habel, Ray Popp, Kim Jensen, Earl Wehry
Ex-officio: Bill Blass (Chair RC), Ken Walker (Assoc. VC/Research)

Ad Hoc Committees

Research Council Web Page
Charge:To explore the establishment of a Research Council Web page; to design and implement one as soon as possible.
Chair: Gayle Baker
Members: Ham Bozdogan, Pat Fisher, Kim Jensen
Ex-officio:Ken Walker, Tom Garritano

Research Network and Computation Needs
Charge: To expeditiously explore the network and high performance computing needs of the research enterprise. To communicate the results of the exploration to the full council by the end of the Fall Term 1995. To keep the Vice Chancellor for Information Infrastructure fully aware of the committee's activities, progress, and conclusions.
Chair:Ham Bozdogan
Members: Jim Adcock, Bobbie Bledsoe, Ray Popp, Earl Wehry
Ex-officio:Fay Muly (Div. of Information Infrastructure)
Preliminary Report

Proposed Committee

Research & Teaching Councils' Joint Committee on Issues
Charge:To explore and investigate issues of common interest and concern to teaching and research activities of the University. To search outways to leverage resources in order to maximally support and enhance both teaching and research. To remain abreast of and fully informed regarding all ongoing policy matters jointly affecting teaching and research. To keep both Councils at an high state of awareness regarding these matters.
Research Council Members: Dennie Kelley, Ravi Krishnan, Ben Oliver, David Dobbs, Kula Misra

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