February 26, 1996

Attendees:  Bill Blass, Chair, Jim Adcock, Gayle Baker, David
Bemis, Bobby Bledsoe, Ham Bozdogan, Chris Cox, Mike Devine, David
Dobbs, Burt English, Pat Fisher, Michael Gant, Kim Jensen,
Michael Keene, Dennie Kelley, Lori Kincaid, Andrew Kramer,
Lillian Mashburn, Kula Misra, Ben Oliver, Steve Pulik, Dwight
Teeter, Ken Walker, Carolyn Webb, Jodie Wehr, and Earl Wehry.

Guest:  Ed Mahon, Director, Network Services, Information
Infrastructure Division

NOTE:  The next Research Council meeting will be on Monday, March
25, at 3:30 p.m. in the 8th Floor Board Room, Andy Holt Tower.

Comments by Bill Blass:  Blass reported that the committee for
the Chancellor's Research Awards met and forwarded their
recommendations to the Chancellor.  The annual banquet is in
April and the names will be revealed at that time.  Blass
reported that the Summer SARIF Graduate Research Assistantship
competition is in process; the deadline is February 26.

Comments by Ken Walker:  Walker distributed two memos.  The first
from the National Science Foundation.  They are operating on a
continuing resolution.  They have a huge backlog of unopened mail
due to the three-week government shutdown and the closings due to
snow.  Delays are expected as outlined in the memo.  Walker
reported that UTK has not suffered to date as a result of these
shutdowns.  The Office of Research will be sending a memo to
faculty apprising them of the situation.

The second memo is from the Department of Navy, Office of Naval
Research, which states that PI's need to spend all of their funds
by the end of the year of their project.  The Office of Research
and the Controller's office will be monitoring expenditures. 
They are working with ONR to allow pre-billing in 12 monthly

Walker distributed a spreadsheet on indirect cost recovery on a
month-by-month basis. 

Comments by Lillian Mashburn:  Mashburn stated that while the
budget is still uncertain, letters from the scientific community
are very helpful.  She also said she would be willing to take any
issues or concern with her to Washington, DC this week.  Blass
mentioned that
the American Institute of Physics has a listserve that e-mail
informative releases concerning the budget.   Blass can be
contacted for the address.

Comments by Ed Mahon:  Mahon provided the Council with an update
of networking initiatives at UT.  The scope of networking is
beyond the boundaries of just UTK.  Mahon highlighted some basic

    The mission of Network Services is to provide
     infrastructure, facilities, and tools which will support
     both academic and administrative groups in their efforts to
     contribute to, coordinate, and manage the overall
     functioning of the University.

    Current Ethernet ports at UTK:  6,000.

    Bandwidth increases will come soon in the form of 100 Mbit
     switched ethernet which allows one to use the existing
     network card in the computer. This will be followed by 150
     Mbit ATM (Asynchronous Transmission Method) which will
     permit integrated data, voice and video. However, ATM
     network cards are presently $800/each and the terminal
     equipment costs about $1200 per port. This will come first
     to those with demonstrated need for the bandwidth.

    UTK has been chosen as one of three world wide SunSites for
     the JAVA language project which is an enhancement for web

    SURA recently sold SURAnet to the BBN.  They are in the
     forefront in emerging technology and can help with security
     issues and bandwidth problems.

    In the process of implementing a 24 hour, 7 days per week
     Network Control Center to maintain all data and video
     network services.

    4,000 dormitory rooms are wired as a result of a cooperative
     effort between Network Services and Telephone Services. The
     newly wired dorm rooms will be able to access 150 Mbit ATM
     with the present wiring. Since the dorms were to be rewired
     for telephone service, the upgrade to Category 5 wiring to
     permit high bandwidth data was a marginal cost.

A number of other areas and topics were discussed.  Spirited
questioning followed the presentation.

Walker asked if Networking Services would be providing support
for off-campus ISDN connections and making it more accessible to
faculty and students.  Mahon stated that there is nothing he can
do to make it more cost effective.  Current costs are:  basic
charge to an individual for an ISDN line is $30/month, $30/month
for UTK's portion, and $800 for the terminal adaptor.   Adcock
inquired about the networking of fraternities.   Mahon said this
will be completed and tied in with the cable for TV.  Married
student housing will encounter different problems and services
will be secured through the telephone company.  Keene asked why
so much wire was thrown out and wasted.  Mahon will look into
this.  Bozdogan inquired about classrooms and laboratories being
networked.  Mahon responded that this issue and others is
addressed in a recent draft plan developed by the Division of
Information and Infrastructure.

Handbook:  Blass commented that David Dobbs was the only RC
member that sent him comments concerning revisions to the Faculty
Handbook.  Dobbs first concern was on page 5.1-65, the third
paragraph, which elaborates that research in the arts and
humanities can
involve the edition of a text.  The sciences should not be
slighted by omission in this regard.  His second comment concerns
the specificity of listing award amounts ($3000) in item b on
page 5.5-68.  This would be okay if the handbook is to be updated
annually; otherwise, such specificity should be avoided, as it
would soon be out of date.  Blass stated that the Faculty
Handbook is to be revised every two years and that such
information would not be out-of-date.  Many Council members felt
that since the revision process has taken over a year that future
revisions will still take longer. Bemis commented that page
5.7-70 should change the Biohazards Committee to the
Institutional Biosafety Committee.  Wehry questioned whether the
detail of current programs was needed in the Faculty Handbook. 
Blass said that any concerns or changes can be forwarded to him. 
The deadline for revisions is February 29. 

RC WEB Page:  Gayle Baker distributed a hard copy of the RC Home
Page.  The new URL is  The Council
agreed that the Home Page should be made available immediately. 
Corrections or suggestions can be sent to Baker.

Research Networking and Computational Needs Report:  Ham
Bozdogan, Chair, provided the Council with a Report on Research
Networking and Computational needs.  He received input from
faculty, department heads, etc. and incorporated them into this
report.  Burt English inquired about the plans for the IBM
mainframe migration and what assistance will be offered.  Page 6
addresses this issue.  Blass suggested that English send his
specific concerns to John Jarrard at Computer Administrative
Systems with a copy to the Vice Chancellor for the Division of
Information Infrastructure.  Comments should also be sent to
Bozdogan to add to his report. 

Comments from Jim Adcock:  Adcock announced that the second
agenda went out to the Policies and Procedures Committee.  He
also stated that UT needs to re-think how faculty obtain
computers.  The current process takes too long and is costing
departments money.  He
suggested that the LPO limit for computers be changed to $5,000.

The issue of leave accrual for postdocs and research associates
was brought up again. It will be followed up on by Walker.  The
problem is complex and resolution will not come swiftly.

Adjournment:  5:15 p.m.

NOTE:  The next meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 25, in the
8th Floor Board Room, AHT at 3:30 p.m.  The final luncheon
meeting is planned for April 29, 1996 at 11:30 a.m. at the
Faculty Club.