Faculty Senate Charge to Research Council, 2000-2001 -- DRAFT

The Research Council shall engage the Administration íncluding but not limited to the President, the Vice President for Research and Information Technology, the Associate Vice-President for Research, and the Provost regarding all aspects of the University's goal of moving into the top 25 Publicly funded Research Universities, including but not limited to:
  1. sabbatical policy
  2. management of contracts and grants (re: IRIS)
  3. definition and selection of the new Centers of Excellence
  4. Faculty Titles

The Research Council shall, in addition, explore the possibility of collaboration with comparable bodies at Memphis and Tullahoma.

The Research Council shall, further, remain engaged in:

  1. the functioning of the faculty workstation refresh program
  2. its historically close collaboration and supportive activities with the Office of Research.

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Last updated September 6, 2000.