Teaching Council Meeting
September 19, 2001

Attending: Berry, Breinig, Coddington, Combs, Cook, F.Davis, Heller, Julian, Lynch, Maden, Martin, Myers, Rechkmmer, Smith, Spicuzza (chair), Strange, Toney, Younger.

Spicuzza opened the meeting with a welcome and a review of the mission and bylaws of the Teaching Council. He stated the purpose of the Teaching Council is to advance excellence in teaching and advising and identified the three standing subcommittees; student assessment, professional awards, and professional development. The chair distributed some suggested goals for the Council as a springboard for discussion. Members were in agreement with these goals (see below). Some members wished to develop additional goals. They will be presented at the next meeting.

Smith added she has been the representative from the Teaching Council on the Part-time Faculty Task Force. As Smith is unable to serve this year in this capacity, Frank Davis will represent the Teaching Council.

Combs, chair, reported for the student assessment committee. He explained that the committee has met for the past three years and it has dealt with the name and process changes in student assessment.

Cook, chair of the awards committee, explained that the committee solicits nominations for outstanding leading and advising. This year the committee will review the nomination and selection criteria. Heller chaired the committee last year and said it is a great opportunity to observe superior teaching on campus.

Julian, chair of the professional development committee, stated that the definition of the committee is very broad, so it is free to develop the direction in which it would like to go. Julian also announced the Center for Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) awards grants for creative and exceptional teaching.

Spicuzza would like the subcommittees to meet before the next Council meeting so that they can report on the goals they have set.

Teaching Council Goals: Other possible considerations for the Teaching Council were identified:

Teaching Council Meeting
October 17, 2001

Call to Order:

Frank Spicuzza called the meeting to order at 8:30. The minutes from the September 19 meeting were approved.

Subcommittee Reports:

Teaching Council Goals:

A motion was made to approve the four original goals proposed in the Sept 19 meeting (see below). It was seconded and approved. There as a discussion led by Chad Toney regarding additional goals for the Council. Emanating from this discussion additional goals were identified. (see below) Spicuzza suggested these goals be added to the original goals and be forwarded to the Senate. The membership agreed.

Other Business

Meeting was adjourned at 9:50. Next meeting: Nov. 14, 2001, 8:30, 420 Communications Bldg.

Professional Development Committee
Teaching Council


Provide opportunities for improvement/enhancement of teaching skills
Brown-bag lunches for all instructional staff
Possible discussion topics: test and syllabi construction
Explore ways of creating desirable learning environments
Presentations or discussions on engaging students in the learning process
Possible topics: active learning, creating a positive learning environment, gender differences in the classroom, learning styles, developing web-based learners
Investigate techniques of award-winning Teachers
Round-table discussions with outstanding teachers
Use critiques and knowledge of teaching methods by the winners in an inter-view/discussion format
Hold book discussions on teaching/learning topic

Additional ideas for consideration:
Case studies as teaching tools
Grade inflation
Interdisciplinary study
Integration of the three subcommittees' charges

Teaching Council Meeting
November 14, 2001

Members In attendance:
Efthymi Angelakis--GSA rep.
Teresa Berry--Libraries
Jon Coddington--Architecture and Design
Norma Cook--Special Programs
Christen Fox--UG rep.
Rob Heller--Journalism
Faye Julian--UAA
Jo Lynch--Institutional Research and Assessment
Molly Rechkemmer---UAA
Frank Spicuzza--Social Work
Chad Toney---GSA rep.
Jared Younger--GSA rep.

Richard Bayer--Dean of Admissions and Records
Tim Rogers--Vice Provost of Student Affairs
Call to order:
Frank Spicuzza called the meeting to order at 8:30 A.M
Spicuzza handed out the meeting agenda. Minutes from Oct. 17, 2001 were approved.
New Business: