Student Affairs Committee
March 1, 2000
Executive Dining Room, UC

Present: Johnie Mozingo, Chair; Tim Rogers, John Mount, Ed Ramsey, Thura Mack, Will Carver, Kadesha Washington, Glenn Graber, and Tom George (for Glennon Rowell)

Agenda Item: Discussion/Action
1. Minutes of Oct. 20, 1999 Approved as circulated
2. Mental Health Services Tim Rogers reported that he met with Phil Scheurer and Dr. Peters in regard to the committee's concern about possible overlapping of services or lack of coordination of services among the various groups which provide counseling or psychiatric services on campus (see minutes of 10/20/99). Administration believes that the various parties involved in the provision of such services do in fact meet on a regular basis and that there is not a need for any change in structure. Addition of a coordination position would add an extra layer of bureaucracy at a time when the university is trying to reduce levels rather than add layers of administration. After discussion by the committee, Dr. Rogers agreed to ask Dr. Faye Julian about revising the Campus Services listing for distribution to faculty.
3. Update on Current Issues in Student Affairs Dr. Rogers reported on several new developments and current issues in student affairs:
1) Student elections will be totally web-based this year.

2) Construction is to begin soon on a $20 million dollar Recreation Center (paid for by student activities fees).

3) The new Black Cultural Center, across from International House, should be under construction by this summer.

4) The Honors Convocation (April 12) will be invitation only followed by a reception open to the entire university.

5) Because of the realignment of university administration, there is now an Office of Vice Provost for Student Affairs.

6) State legislators have expressed appreciation for student efforts on behalf of funding for the university.

7) Reorganization within Student Affairs is expected with deep cuts.
Will Carver, SGA President, also noted that student initiatives in regard to funding have been well received by most legislators.
4. Committee for 2000/2001 All members present indicated a willingness to remain on the committee next year. Glennon Rowell was suggested as a possible Chair.
5. Adjournment The meeting adjourned at 9 a.m.

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