[The following resolution was adopted by the Faculty Senate on May 6, 1974.]

Whereas, George A. Wagoner has elected to step down as Secretary of the Senate after more than four years of exceptionally effective and devoted service, and

Whereas, he has contributed wisely to the transition from a University Senate to the present Faculty Senate, playing a catalytic role in the process of planning, reorganization and implementation, and aiding in the development of a constructive consensus among fellow faculty members and members of the administration, and

Whereas, George A. Wagoner has devoted the long hours necessary, first, to meticulous administration of the increased business of the Senate; second, to the discharge of many special assignments, not only from the Senate, but from the Chancellor and the President of the University as well; and third, to service as Chair Person of the committee overseeing the transition and evolution of bylaws, and

Whereas, all his efforts in and for the Senate have reflected his deep interest in the well being of students and staff throughout the university and in the strengthening of this institution through the wise use of faculty counsel and influence;

Be It Resolved by the Faculty Senate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, in its meeting of May 6, 1974, that we thank George A. Wagoner and commend him for his example of commitment to the commonweal, and

Be It Further Resolved, that we beseech him to stand ready for occasional calls from those who have become accustomed to "letting George do it," and lastly,

Be It Resolved that we look forward to his continued service to the Senate, immediately as an elected Senator of one of the two colleges that he so ably represents, and for years to come as friend and mentor.

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