[The following resolution was adopted by the Faculty Senate on April 10, 1978.]

Resolution For Establishing a
Faculty Newsletter

Fringe Benefits Committee
March 29, 1978

Numerous publications, such as the Chancellor's newsletter and The Daily Beacon, exist to inform UTK faculty of certain types of information. However, there is not a recognized publication whose main purpose is to provide direct communication between UTK faculty.

In a recent survey, approximately 1/3 of the UTK faculty felt that the Senate was accomplishing its goals, 1/3 felt it was not, and 1/3 indicated they didn't know. It is suggested that part of the reason 1/3 of the faculty indicated the Senate wasn't accomplishing its goals was due to poor communication between the Senate and the faculty. Consequently, it seems that at least 1/3 of the UTK faculty may be unaware of what the Senate is or is not doing. Although Faculty Senate minutes are available, they are not in a form which provides good communication between the Senate and faculty.

To help resolve these problems, be it resolved that the UTK Faculty Senate establish a "Faculty Newsletter". It is suggested that the letter be produced at least quarterly. The Senate should take the responsibility to establish a method for receiving contributions to and editing the newsletter.

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