[The following resolution was approved by the Faculty Senate on May 7, 2001.]

Resolution from the International Education Committee,
for consideration by the Faculty Senate at the May 7 meeting

WHEREAS the University of Tennessee is a "university that understands the important work yet to be accomplished if the state of Tennessee is to be competitive in the global economy"1; and

WHEREAS the University of Tennessee has an established initiative to "move the university to the top tier of public research universities in the nation early in the 21st century"2; and

WHEREAS the University of Tennessee "possesses incredible resources in its fine faculty and staff"3; and

WHEREAS the number and complexity of international initiatives among faculty, centers and students has consistently increased over the past decade at the University of Tennessee; and

WHEREAS the world view of the administrators, faculty, students and staff of a prestigious, top-tier university cannot be limited to a regional perspective;

be it therefore

RESOLVED that the University of Tennessee officially commits to a strengthening of institutional efforts to

1Inaugural Remarks of Dr. J. Wade Gilley, November 5,1999

2Office of the President, "The Outlook for the 2000 Academic Year," July 6, 2000

3Office of the President, "To All University Faculty and Staff," January 3, 2001

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