[The following resolution was approved by the Faculty Senate on April 5, 2004.]

Resolution concerning the Next President of the University of Tennessee

WHEREAS each campus at the University of Tennessee should develop on the strength of its geographical, cultural and academic uniqueness; and

WHEREAS The University of Tennessee, Knoxville campus has a unique responsibility for academic excellence as the flagship campus in the system; and

WHEREAS the Chancellor of The University of Tennessee, Knoxville should be vested with sole responsibility for the academic, athletic, alumni development programs and infrastructure on that campus; and

WHEREAS the President's responsibility should be to facilitate the work of the system's five campuses and represent the University across the state; therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the next President of the University of Tennessee system delegate to the Chancellor of the Knoxville campus the same authority and autonomy enjoyed by the Chancellors on the other campuses, including control of campus budgets, facilities, and infrastructure and responsibility for all athletic programs.

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