[The following resolution was introduced at the meeting of the University Senate on June 29, 1970. The motion to adopt the resolution was tabled by a vote of 40-14.]


We live in a time when great numbers of our students are devoting themselves to the seeking of morality, the definition of value, and the search fork truth. Indeed this seeking is so urgent that it is in danger of becoming frantic and desperate, to a great extent due, no doubt, to the existence of the War in Southeast Asia.

The faculty of a great institution such as the University of Tennessee has an obvious obligation to respond to this quest by our students. No longer can we afford to remain cloistered in out ivory towers. We must enter fully into this search, and participate, with our students, in what may turn out to be the greatest moral reevaluation our nation has ever known. We must speak out against injustice wherever we see it, and state the truth whenever it is perceived.

We therefore commend those on our faculty who do so act and who are where we should all be with our students, where the action is. We particularly commend those two of our number who have placed themselves in some jeopardy in order to respond, Professors Kenneth Newton and Charles Reynolds.

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