Program Review and Redirection Schedule

The following resolution was approved by the Review and Redirection Task Force on February 12, 2004:
Given the need to deal with the ongoing budgetary process, as well as the need of colleges to absorb the substantial changes already put in place by the RRTF during the AY2003-04, the Task Force will suspend further review and deliberation until May 1. At that time, we expect to have reports on reorganization from Botany, Educational Administration and Policy Studies, Health and Safety, and Human Resource Development. By then, or shortly thereafter, we should also be able to review the plans for integration of courses in Planning with other units.

With the consent of Chancellor Crabtree, we will delay any further consideration of the Dance program. If possible the other programs on our list, Engineering Management and Engineering Physics, should be dealt with through the normal curricular revision process. If consent is given, the RRTF will suspend further meetings until May 6.

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