Resolution Approved by the Review and Redirection Task Force
November 13, 2003

BE IT RESOLVED that the Review and Redirection Task Force will assemble an impact statement for each program being considered from elimination or reorganization, including the impact on other programs, on the number of faculty and staff, on the number of female and minority faculty and staff, and on students currently in the program; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that tenured or tenure leading faculty will be terminated only if the program in which they are housed has been eliminated and only after the procedure described below:
Tenure Stream Faculty Transfer Process:

If academic programs are to be eliminated, tenured faculty in those programs will be transferred to other academic programs, subject to their willingness to move, and subject to faculty approval in the receiving unit. Tenure-track faculty will be offered an opportunity to transfer and compete for tenure in new units subject to willingness to move, and subject to faculty approval in the receiving unit. The transfer process should be guided by provisions in the Faculty Handbook where it is specified that attempts to displace tenured faculty do not require that a faculty member be placed in a position for which he or she is not qualified; that a new position be created where no need exists; or that a faculty member (tenured or non-tenured) in another department be terminated in order to provide a vacancy for a displaced tenured faculty member. The position of any tenured faculty member displaced by academic program discontinuance shall not be filled within three years, unless the displaced faculty member has been offered reinstatement and a reasonable time in which to accept or decline the offer. The transfer process should also be guided by AAUP principles governing discontinuation of academic programs. These guidelines specify that if placement in another position would be facilitated by a reasonable period of training, financial and other support for such training will be proffered. If no position is available within the institution, with or without retraining, the faculty member's appointment then may be terminated, but only with provision for severance salary equitably adjusted to the faculty member's length of past and potential service.

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