Professional Development Committee Meeting
September 29, 2000

Minutes of the Professional Development Committee meeting 9/29 10:30-11:45 in UC 237.
Present: Ian Rockett, Hamp Liggett, Jon Coddington, Benita Howell, Anne Mahew, Elizabeth Aversa, Betsy Postow (Chair)

Anne Mayhew reported on changes in the Grad School Professional Development program. Highlights include the following:
     Our first job is to discover what is being done on campus.
     A flyer has been put out by the University of Tennessee GTA mentoring program, detailing specific duties of mentors etc. The address for more information is
     Benita noted that Jo Lynch chairs a committee on mentoring for the Commission on Women. Betsy will ask Jo to share her material with us.
     Elizabeth volunteered to contact deans to determine what programs are already in place in the departments and colleges. We agreed to use e-mail to refine into a workable list of questions the ideas that we generated at the meeting. One suggestion was that we should aim for about eight easily codable questions and one open-ended question. Please e-mail all recipients with any suggestions.
     Here are the ideas that we generated:
Jon Coddington volunteered to be our liaison to the Task Force on Contingent Employment. Anne recommended that GTAs be excluded from the category of contingent employees. Benita noted that some permanent employees, like curators at the museum, seem to fit under the definition. She suggested that the category be subdivided more finely, listing, e.g., adjunct faculty, non-faculty librarians, curators. Jon noted that the professional development needs and problems of contingent employees may differ between those in professional and academic departments. Elizabeth noted that contingent employees at Catholic University are called 'Associates of the Faculty.'
Jon suggested that our committee send out a questionnaire to people who have participated in the language and travel program to see how their teaching or research has benefited. He alo suggested that we find out what programs our peer institutions have in place to promote professional development. (We did this, to some extent, in our research last year on professional leave programs. After we refine the questionnaire for Elizabeth to send the deans, perhaps we will want to discuss whether and how to use it to poll other institutions.)

Professional Development Committee Meeting
October 20, 2000

The Professional Development Committee met Friday, 10/20 2:00-3:00 in UC 237.
Present: Ian Rockett, Elizabeth Aversa, Hank Kattesh, Sara Williams, Sande MacMorran, Jon Coddington, Betsy Postow (chair)

We came to the following decisions:

As requested by the Executive Committee, we agreed to provide hard copies of the sabbatical policies of the "top 25" research universities. Members volunteered to find and print copies as indicated below:
Elizabeth: WI, IL, LSU, OK, Rutgers, MD
Sara: MI, Penn State, WA, IA, GA Tech
Jon: UC system, Wm & Mary, FL, Purdue
Hank: WA, TX A&M, TX-Austin, VA Tech
Ian: MN, NC
Sande: DE, VA
Betsy: Miami of OH, SUNY-Binghamton
Reminders to volunteers:
Please check the policies of your schools aganst Andy Kramer's spreadsheet to be sure that they have not changed in the last year. If any information is not on the spreadsheet, please supply it.

If the URL or the name of the school or of the document does not appear on the document, please supply that information.
Please get this material to me, Betsy, by Nov. 3. (Campus address: 801 McClung Tower; zip 0480). I will make copies for Andy Kramer and Bob Glenn.
In response to the Exec Committee's request for success stories, Betsy will solicit from Dolly Davis (Music) and Carol Tenopir (Inf. Science) the stories of their productive research leaves, the former from UT, the latter from elsewhere.
In response to instructions from the Exec Com, we agree to add "and teaching" after "research program" in the first bulleted item under "Application Procedure."

In response to the Exec Com's request, we recommend to the Research Council that our joint proposal be amended so as to leave to Departments and Colleges the decision whether to put any ceiling on the number of faculty who can participate in the leave program at any one time. To accomplish this, we suggest stiking two sentences and adding one, as follows: Strike: "Departments of size 10 or more ... so as to maintain adequate coverage of classes and other departmental resposibilities." In place of those sentences, add: "Scheduling of individual leaves will rest with the Department in coordination with the College."

We suggest that the preamble include a sentence noting that the proposed leave program will enhance consistency and accountability across the university.

Professional Development Committee Meeting
December 5, 2000

The Professional Development Committee was joined by Andy Kramer representing the Research Council in a meeting Tuesday, 12/5/00, 3:30-4:30 in UC 203.

Present: Jon Coddington, Benita Howell, Hank Kattesh, Andy Kramer (co-chair), Sande MacMorran, Betsy Postow (co-chair), Ian Rockett, Sara Williams

We met to fulfill the Faculty Senate's instructions to revise our joint proposal for a Faculty Development Program in light of comments by senators at the Nov. 20 Senate meeting. The
document that we unanimously agreed upon is attached and also pasted below. Additions are indicated in the attached document by yellow [red] highlights, and deletions are indicated by strikeouts. Andy will present the document to the Research Council at its January meeting.

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