Nominating Committee
March 2003

Carolyn R. Hodges (Committee Chair), Modern Foreign Languages and Literatures
Tamara Miller, Library
Gilya Schmidt, Religious Studies
Tse-Wei Wang, Chemical Engineering
Dan Ward, Small Animal Sciences Clinic

The committee's objectives for the year were as follows:
  1. to identify two strong candidates for president-elect, based on nominations solicited from the faculty;
  2. to prepare a ballot with information about the candidates;
  3. to consider and suggest a standard package of compensation (e.g., released time, graduate assistant help, etc.) for the individual serving as President of Faculty Senate.

Two strong candidates for President-Elect have been identified: Fred Weber (Chemical Engineering) and Candace White (Journalism). Ballots are to be mailed out on April 6 (to be returned on or before April 15), and the candidates will be introduced at the April 7 meeting of the Faculty Senate.Results of the election will be announced at the April 28 Senate meeting.

The committee discussed essential elements of compensation for the Faculty Senate President, placing strong emphasis on released time from teaching and graduate assistant help. In discussions with Senate President Michael Combs, Provost Crabtree reiterated his support for compensation as stipulated below in Article IV, Section 1 of the bylaws:
The President shall be granted release time from an appropriate amount of faculty duties as determined in conjunction with his/her supervisors and receive other support such as an assigned graduate assistant for the duration of the term.
Any additional compensation or resources for Faculty Senate President may be negotiated with his/her supervisor.

Submitted by:

Carolyn R. Hodges

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