September 29, 1975

October 20, 1975

November 3, 1975

November 10, 1975
December 8, 1975

December 10, 1975

February 2, 1976

March 1, 1976

March 15, 1976
April 7, 1976

April 28, 1976

May 10, 1976

June 7, 1976

June 28, 1976


September 29, 1975

1. A delegation of six from the Executive Committee is to attend the regional White House Conference at the Hyatt Regency House on October 7. Some discussion of the nature and substance of the Conference will be ready by October 13.

2. The Executive Committee was advised by the Vice Chancellor of Finance that the Senate Budget Committee will meet with the University Budget Committee regarding appropriations, around October 9.

3. The Executive Committee approved a proposal submitted through the Chancellor for participation in a Project on Institutional Renewal through the Improvement of Teaching. Approval was in the form of a letter of support.

4. The Executive Committee approved a motion to direct the Educational Policy Committee to formulate methods of evaluating the effectiveness over the year, of the Faculty/Student Rights and Responsibilities statement recently published in the Daily Beacon, and to arrive at a conclusion regarding the advisability of its publication, in total, in part, or in amended form, in one year's time, in the Faculty Handbook and Hilltopics. A report from this committee next Spring is to be expected.

5. Reports to the Faculty Senate from the Executive Committee presented by its chairman represent the majority view. There is provision made for minority reports, so that the Senate can hear several sides of issues of a controversial nature.

6. The Executive Committee approved a resolution requesting committee chairman to submit reports containing items requiring Senate deliberation (other than acceptance of the report) to the Secretary at least 10 days in advance of the Senate meeting during which the report is to be considered. This is to permit the Secretary to distribute the reports to the Senators at least 5 days in advance of the meeting. If the report is not delivered within this schedule, consideration of the issue would require approval of the Senate through a 2/3 majority vote.

7. The Executive Committee hopes, and expects, that Senators will continuously keep their constituencies informed on the activities of the Senate.

8. The Chairman of the Executive Committee (President of the Faculty Senate) met with the President's Academic Affairs Committee and with the Presidents of Senates from other campuses in the U.T. system on October 9. The substance of these meetings will be the subject of a subsequent report.


October 20, 1975

The topic of salaries occupied much of the time of the Executive Committee when it met on October 20. A letter to be sent to all State legislators relating to faculty salaries was considered. This is to be a letter bearing the signatures of the Faculty Senate presidents of all campuses of the UT system. The general content of the letter (see attachment) was approved. Similar approval is needed from the executive bodies of the other Faculty Senates in the UT system.

A subcommittee of the Executive Committee is to be formed with the charge of determining the desirability and the practicality of the Faculty Senate undertaking a program of improving the funding of higher education in the State of Tennessee.

An invitation is to be sent to the members of the Knox County Delegation for meaningful dialogue with members of the Executive Committee on issues of higher education. We hope for exchanges that can be useful to both parties.

There was considerable discussion relating to the replacement of the Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies and Research. The Committee expressed the hope that the search for candidates would carry no initial restrictions.


November 3, 1975

The Executive Committee met on Nov. 3 with Chancellor Reese, Vice Chancellor Herndon and Ebersole, and Barry Brindley, Director of Development, for the purpose of discussing two items: a proposed University-wide capital gifts campaign, and problems of enrollment limitations. The former, reflecting an effort to increase private giving, is being considered by Reese's personnel in collaboration with the Senate's Development and Alumni Relations Committee. The latter problem, one arising from the possible continuation of inadequate funding of instruction on campus, is presently being considered by the Educational Policy Committee of the Faculty Senate.


November 10, 1975

The Executive Committee, after hearing from LeRoy Graf, Ken Stair and George Wagoner, approved the admission of the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance to the Faculty Senate as an ex officio member. Additionally, Vice Chancellor Bohne was given a seat on he Budget Committee. This action is subject to confirmation from the Senate.

Ron Fraser discussed with the Committee some of the topics considered by President Boling and his staff during a day-long session with his counselors. These, as you might imagine, covered a rather broad range of interests, coming from representatives from the five campuses of the State.

At this time we have responses from a total of four area State legislative representatives out of the nine to whom letters of concern about the loss of discount privileges had been sent. In addition to those from Mike Rowland and Ray Baird, previously acknowledged, we have received brief responses from Tom Jensen and Loy Smith.

There was the reiteration of concern arising from the scarcity of faculty representation on the Search Committee seeking nominees as replacements for Vice Chancellor Smith.

There was considerable discussion regarding the situation that has recently arisen in the School of Biomedical Sciences at Oak Ridge. After lengthy discourse, the Executive Committee approved a motion requesting the Student Affairs Committee to review the problem as seen from the student, educational vantage point.


December 8, 1975

Larry DeRidder noted that there is increasing pressure exerted by institutions of higher education in the State to undertake doctoral programs. After some discussion the Executive Committee approved a motion requesting that the Graduate Council give overt support to the THEC statement that UTK and Memphis State University are the two institutions in the State to offer such programs. DeRidder also noted that the Graduate Council had not been asked by the Executive Committee to consider the matter of grade computation of an Incomplete as he had requested before the Senate on October 29, 1973. Such a request is to be made at this time.

The Executive Committee heard a request from the Financial Exigency Committee for assistance in drawing up guidelines dealing with the financial impact of course and program additions. It became obvious that more information was required from FINEX before action could be taken.

The Executive Committee is presently considering giving the Division of Continuing Education representation in the Faculty Senate.

Garrett Briggs provided us with a report from ad hoc Subcommittee on Increased Finding for Higher Education which he chairs. The Subcommittee sees as its role "seeking background information and advice from the Chancellor and other administrative persons and the Knox County Delegation concerning funding for higher education", and "Endeavoring to identify and communicate to the faculty at large what the options are for increasing the state tax base and what the Faculty Senate can do to influence changes in the tax base".

Mac Simpson provided the committee with a report from the meeting of the University Council of December 2. A copy of the report is attached.

The Executive Committee began a discussion on the proposal brought to the Senate by the Calendar Committee. A statement should follow our next meeting to be held before the full Senate convenes again.


December 10, 1975

The Committee met with Vice Chancellor Ebersole to discuss recommendations for faculty appointments to thirteen long-range planning task forces: Study Body Composition, Academic Programs, Research, Public Service, Continuing Education, Library, Faculty Services and Development, Student Services and Programs, Student Financial Aid, Space and Facilities, Student Housing, Affirmative Action, and Financial Resources. The Committee also discussed the goals and processes of the task forces and their relationship with long-range planning by departments and other academic units.


February 2, 1976

The first item to come before the Committee was a report of actions taken by the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board of Trustees in session on January 23 at UTC. All items on the agenda that required approval were approved. A copy of the agenda is appended.

Campbell reported next on the quarterly meeting of the Faculty Counselors to the President held on January 28 also at UTC. A copy of the agenda for this meeting is also appended. Explanations of any item found on either agenda can be considered, should a member of the Senate request information.

Members of the Executive Committee unable to attend the meeting with a team called to this campus to appraise and make recommendations to UT Systems, were informed of the events of the meeting. The Executive Committee looks forward to receiving a copy of the UT Systems Self Study Report (now out for over a month) and a copy of the report from the visiting advisory committee.

We seek a secretary of the Senate.

Deaton reported that the subcommittee charged with establishing a format for a University-wide forum on calendar matters will meet on Thursday, Feb. 5, for this purpose. An announcement on the outcome of this meeting will come soon.

The Executive Committee appointed an ad hoc committee to work out guidelines relating to the impact created with the introduction of new courses and programs into curricula across the campus. Arthur Jones from FINEX and Chambers, Nicholls and Fraser from the Executive Committee are to work with delegates appointed by Chancellor Reese to draw up the guidelines.

The concept of a Faculty Senate Tenure Advisory Committee, as mentioned in the Faculty Handbook, or its equivalent, was discussed only briefly. The topic is to be considered further at the next meeting when certain pieces of information are presumably available.

The Executive Committee approved a report from tie Student Affairs Committee. This report, dealing with a grievance from some students in the Biomedical Program at Oak Ridge, is appended.


March 1, 1976.

The meeting opened with an announcement of the upcoming meeting of the University Council to be held on the evening of March 4. This was followed by a progress report from the Search Committee seeking a new Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies and Research, and an appraisal of progress in establishing a search committee for a new Dean of the College of Liberal Arts.

The Executive Committee was informed that the Committee on Committees had approved the membership of an ad hoc calendar committee whose function it is to bring to the Senate votable alternatives, when it convenes on May 17. This committee is to be chaired by Senator Robert Kirk. The Executive Committee was also told that a committee, whose responsibility it is to formulate guidelines relating to the impact of introducing new courses and programs into the curricula, has been formed. This committee consists of Arthur Jones, David Chambers, Alice Nicholls, Ron Fraser, Margaret Perry and Ralph Norman. This group has met on one occasion.

In response to the surfacing of several U.T. Bookstore related problems from both the Academic Council and from faculty, a committee to be headed by Al Keally is to study these, and bring to the Executive Committee a report of their findings.

The Executive Committee reviewed the procedure used by UT Martin in its recent revision of its Faculty Handbook.

An ad hoc subcommittee consisting of Senators Klein, Burghardt, Pawlak and Herndon was created to bring to the Executive Committee recommendations relating to the possible establishment of a Faculty Senate Tenure Advisory Committee.

The Executive Committee made nominations for posts on the Committee on Committees for the coming year. A ballot containing these names is before you for consideration. (Also provided at this time will be a slate of candidates, coming from the Nominating Committee, for the election of next year's Faculty Senate President, Vice President, and the three representatives on the University Council).

Senator Dewhirst brought before the Executive Committee a questionnaire from the Budget Committee. After a rather lengthy discussion the Committee approved the request to have the questionnaire distributed to all faculty members. The intent of this form is to evaluate faculty morale and opinions due to budget-created duress.


March 15, 1976

The Committee was advised that pursuant to the request of the Faculty Senate an ad hoc committee had been appointed by the Committee on Committees with functions to collect information from the debates on proposed calendar reforms and bring recommendations to the Senate. This committee is to be chaired by Senator Bob Kirk.

There was some discussion relating to the questionnaire seeking information on faculty morale resulting from budget stricture. The general nature and distribution of this questionnaire had been approved by the Senate on Feb. 16, 1976. Reconsideration of the matter has resulted in the consolidation of such questions into a further reaching questionnaire to be prepared by members of the Research Center. The questions pertaining to budgetary considerations are to drawn up .in consort with members of the Senate's Budget Committee. Your approval of this action is sought at this time.

The Executive Committee considered the scope and operation of the Educational Policy Committee. This committee has assumed important, new, and on-going tasks. No suggested changes were made.

Mr. DeRidder noted that there were certain apparent inequities in the currently used Work Load Reports. His comment that the formula should more adequately reflect teaching, research and public service duties is to be transmitted to the Education Policy Committee for consideration.

A letter containing the concern of Mr. Utley that there is duplication in teaching efforts in the Knoxville community by members of the staffs of different institutions is to be sent to Chancellor Reese for his information.

The Executive Committee endorsed the concept of a graduate student workshop to enhance the effectiveness of teaching. The proposal came from Mr. DeRyche. Further, the Committee agreed to send the proposal on the Undergraduate Council for its consideration of implementing certain suggestions, as far as is practical.

Members of the faculty of the College of Veterinary Medicine will have representation on the Senate beginning next Fall quarter. They will have two seats in the Senate.

The Executive Committee unanimously expressed an interest in the possibility of having disability insurance provided by TIAA, rather than by Provident, the insurance company currently providing this coverage. A letter is to be sent to Chancellor Reese that the University provide TIAA with the information needed for this agency to derive a cost estimate for the University.


April 7, 1976.

Chancellor Reese and members from his administrative staff were in attendance.

A report of the April 5 meeting of the Faculty Counselors to the President, held at the UT Space Institute, was provided by Mr. Fraser. A copy of the agenda of this meeting along with a resume of the discussion of its items is provided to each Senator for this April 12 meeting of the Senate.

Fraser reported that there is now available a copy of the report from the external team, called in to assess and advise the UT Systems administration as a part of its self study. A synopsis of this report will be made available to all Senators by Mr. Simpson at a later date.

All Senators are advised that the campus-wide forums on calendar alternatives are to be held in the Shiloh Room on April 19, 22 and 26.

The report from the Nominating Committee was read to the Executive Committee. The substance of this report is a slate of candidates for the officers of the Senate. This matter is to be dealt with today.

The Executive Committee next considered a report from a subcommittee charged with formulating a proposal for the establishment of a Faculty Senate Tenure Advisory Committee, a committee whose existence is mandated by the Faculty Handbook. This proposal has been mailed to all Senators, and is to be taken up in the Senate today.

The-Executive Committee next briefly considered the matter of drop-add policy and referred it to the Educational Policies Committee. The Executive Committee asks the Educational Policies Committee to create a subcommittee for this task, with some representation from the Graduate and Undergraduate Councils, the CARS office, the Office of Special Services, Mr. McDow, and graduate and undergraduate students.

The Executive Committee recommended, next, that the chairperson of the Committee on Admissions of the Undergraduate Council and a representative from the Graduate Council, working with along range planning group from the campus administration, provide the Educational Policies Committee with a plan for limiting student enrollments on the Knoxville campus beyond that to be in effect the next academic year. The Educational Policies Committee will, at a later time, bring a plan for the consideration of the Faculty Senate.

Mr. Simpson presented the Executive Committee with a position paper relating to the broad range operation of the Institute for Public Service. With this was a statement from the Faculty Senate's Public Service Council, dated April 7, 1976, endorsing the contents of the position paper with the hope that the Executive Committee Would ask the Chancellor of UTK and the Senate President to discuss with the appropriate administrators related matters and problems. The Executive Committee has made this request and both the Chancellor and Senate President have agreed to comply with the request.

The last item to come before the Executive Committee was a report of contemplated changes in parking rules and regulations as drawn up by the Parking Authority, to be brought into effect this Fall. There is to be a statement on this matter made in the Senate today.


April 28, 1976

Much of this meeting was spent on a discussion of elections and the election processes of the Senate. The ballot listing the nominees for the Faculty Tenure Advisory Committee as provided by the Committee on Committees was presented. This ballot is to be sent to all Senators.

The Executive Committee was advised that a report from the Calendar Advisory Committee, chaired by Senator Kirk, would be issued to all Senators when this committee had time to digest all incoming information.

Following some discussion the Executive Committee requested the Bylaws Committee to consider changing the bylaws to permit election of the Committee on Committees through a mail ballot, rather than by ballot during Senate session. The assumption is that all Senators would have more time in making the choices required.

Mr. Russ French and Mr. Ed Pawlak were asked to serve as a committee to determine the feasibility of providing Senators with supporting data on nominees for officers of the Senate, and if feasible, to draw up guidelines for acquiring and disseminating the information.

In response to a request that input be provided the Committee on Committees when it establishes the committees of the Senate, Mr. Fraser announced that a form was being sent to all Senators requesting them to express their preferences regarding committee appointments.

An issue concerning the Public Service Institute was discussed and left unresolved. It is to be discussed again at a later date.


May 10, 1976

The meeting opened with an introduction of Ms. Pauline Shaw to members of the Committee. The Executive Committee gave unanimous approval to Ms. Shaw as the Secretary elect of the Senate. In conformity with the Bylaws, the Executive Committee asks approval of the Senate for the appointment of Ms. Shaw as Secretary of the Senate.

Sandra Bell announced the results of the recently held elections, and these results are to be reported to the Senate at the May 17 meeting. They follow:
Senate Officers:
President: Milton Klein
Vice President: Clinton Allison
Councilors: Judith Kuipers
Stanley Lusby
Jonathan Utley
Committee on Committees:
Business Administration:
Home Economics:
Liberal Arts:
Library and Info. Science:
Social Work:
Frank Leuthold
Jordan Mertz
Dudley Dewhirst
June Adamson
Clinton Allison
Edwin Burdette
Judith Kuipers
Forrest Lacey
Stan Lusby
Alice Nicholls
Eugenia Mauldin
Kathleen Conlon
Walter Shouse
Ann Wachter
Walter Frost
Faculty Senate Tenure Advisory Committee:
Business Administration:
Liberal Arts:

   Social Work:
Hans Jensen
June Adamson
Bill Becker
Fred Thomforde
Woody Fuller

Eyvind Thor
Ann Wachter

Chancellor Reese gave brief reports on issues relating to faculty development, the feasibility of a capital gifts campaign, and recent developments in campus long range planning. All faculty members are invited and encouraged to submit to the Chancellor's office ideas on faculty development.

A report of the failure of two requests by the Senate Subcommittee on the Status of Faculty Women to produce information regarding promotions, publications, and service time, on the faculty of both sexes in selected colleges of the University was heard by the Executive Committee. Mr. Herndon noted that much of the information requested was not readily retrievable but that the substance of a study being prepared for the Commission on Women would be forthcoming to the Subcommittee. There is to be a further report of this at the next Executive Committee meeting.

The Executive Committee has initiated the formation of a hearing tribunal, a body whose general functions are sketched in the Faculty Handbook. Jonathan Utley representing the Executive Committee, Ralph Norman representing the administration's Academic Affairs office, and Robert Moberly of the College of Law have been asked to lay the ground rules for the establishment of this hearing body. Approval of their recommendations will be sought, in due time, from, the Faculty Senate.

In view of the recently announced change in the sick leave policy extending sick leave days that may accrue, the Executive Committee has asked the Fringe Benefits Committee to consider the significance of this to those members of the faculty with nine month appointments.

Note was made that the minutes of Senate meetings was not being sent to all department heads. A mechanism for achieving this has been worked out and henceforth all minutes will be distributed to all departments for posting.


June 7, 1976

Notice was made that Mr. Milton Klein has been offered and has accepted a visiting professorship at the New York University Law School for the coming academic year. As a consequence of this, and in accordance with the provision for succession in the bylaws, recognition was given to Mr. Clinton Allison as the President-Elect of the Senate. Mr. Allison was in attendance at this meeting of the Executive Committee. The incoming Executive Committee is to appoint a Vice President for next year.

Mr. Allen Keally provided the Committee with an interim report on policies and practices of the U.T. Bookstore. A committee chaired by Mr. Keally, consisting of Hall, Heilman, Bills and students Meech and Gatlin have been studying this arm of the University. Problems relating to discounts and security have been considered, but those relating to purchase order procedures, the original issue of concern to the Executive Committee, have not been taken up as yet. There is the expectation that this subcommittee will have completed its task by the end of this summer.

Vice Chancellor Ebersole addressed the Executive Committee on the present state of long range planning for the University. Instruments to provide basic information for such planning have been sent to the dean of colleges, An effort is being made to provide planning to an immediate goal of 1985.

Mr. Fraser announced that the newly formed Faculty Advisory Committee had met and made the following decisions. Mr. Fuller was selected as chairperson, Mr. Thomforde as Vice Chairperson. Terms on the committee are:
June Adamson (Communications) 1976-77
H. W. Fuller (Liberal Arts) 1976-78
Fred Thomforde (Law) 1976-78
William Becker (Engineering) 1976-78
Hans E. Jensen (Bus. Admin.) 1976-79
The Alternates will serve as follows:
Ann Wachter (Social Work) 1976-78
Eyvind Thor (Agriculture) 1976-79
The Executive Committee passed a motion referring to the University Calendar Committee the task of drawing up the calendar with the assumption that it would honor the expressions made by the Senate at its last meeting.


June 28, 1976

Mr. Fraser called to the attention of the Committee the observation that an apparent conflict in positions weakened several Senate committees. There was agreement in the Executive Committee that a sense of inconsistency arises when an administrator of high rank chairs a Senate committee whose function it is to advise him. How is the agenda prepared for this committee? Two possible solutions were suggested: (1) the Executive Committee continually feed the group in question, so that reliance on the chairperson to establish the agenda is not necessary, or (2) that a revision in the bylaws be undertaken. The Executive Committee approved a motion seeking a recommendation from the By-Laws Committee in this regard.

The Executive Committee agreed that the Senate bodies of all campuses in the UT System would profit by an increase in communication through joint sessions. Mr. Allison, the incoming President of the Faculty Senate made note of our comments and has agreed to consider this matter next year.

At the request of Mr. Allison that we fill the position of Vice President, the Executive Committee appointed Mr. Frank Leuthold as Vice President of the Faculty Senate for the coming year.

A subcommittee consisting of Mr. Utley (Convenor, Lib. Arts), Robert Moberly (Law), and Ralph Norman (Administration) is to prepare guidelines in the establishment of a hearing tribunal a body whose existence and functions are outlined in the Faculty Handbook.

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