519 Buehler Hall
November 22, 1972

Dear Faculty Member:

This coming January a newly organized Faculty Senate will take the place of our long-time University Senate. In general, there are increased responsibilities for the Faculty in the conduct of the business of the new Senate. Some of the interactions between faculty members, students, and administrators that have taken place within the University Senate will, beginning in January, take place between the Faculty Senate and the Student Senate, or between the Faculty Senate and the Administration.

The transition in procedures and responsibilities will not be immediate, but a definite timetable for various steps has been proposed. Most of the changes should be realized by the fall of 1973. A Transition Committee, appointed to oversee the change-over, has as its members: George Wagoner, chairman, Richard Boss, Jack Jones, and Kenneth Stair.

In January 1972, as a part of the planning carried out with officers of the Administration, and through them with the Board of Trustees, a proposed set of by-laws for the new Senate was written. It is expected that these by-laws will, in substance, be adopted by the Faculty Senate. Technically, the new Senate is not bound by by-laws until it adopts them itself. Until by-laws are officially adopted, those proposed in January 1972 will be referred to as Interim Senate By-laws. Article III of these by-laws will be presented to the Senate on December 4, 1972 for its approval.

The necessity for some modifications in by-laws may come to light as the new Senate is organized and begins its work. A By-laws Committee will receive suggestions for changes and will, as expeditiously as possible, present to the Senate by-laws for its official adoption. Members of the By-laws Committee are the members of the Transition Committee plus Luther Keller, Vice Chairman of the Faculty Senate, and myself. We invite your suggestions.

A copy of Article III of the Interim Senate By-laws is attached. We hope you will give it your close attention, that you will read it with an eye for the underlying philosophy of university governance, and that you will join in making the counsel of the Faculty in University affairs clear, responsible, and persuasive. Communicate with your senators so they can truly represent you.

Please note that membership on most committees of the Faculty Senate is not limited to members of the Senate. The Committee on Committees will make an effort to provide the widest representation on committees, in terms of academic discipline, extracurricular interests, and length of service. If you have suggestions for committee memberships, please drop me a line before December 4.

Sincerely yours,

C. W. Keenan
Chairman-Elect, Faculty Senate

c: Ex-officio members of committees
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