Legislative Committee
April 2001

The Senate Legislative Committee undertook the following activities pursuant to its charge:
  1. We held a lunch with UT's State Governmental relations Person, Tom Ballard, the day after Election Day. Tom reported on races, results, and his impression of legislative issues facing the University.

  2. The Committee also hosted a lunch with the State AAUP Legislative Chair, Dr. Jeff Roberts, from Tennessee Tech. Dr. Roberts informed us of the AAUP's legislative efforts.

  3. The Committee considered the 2000 UT Email Policy, promulgated pursuant to 1999 legislation. After reviewing the policy, the legislation, and the Senate Faculty Affairs Committee Report on the email policy, the Legislative Committee determined that the primary issues are not with the 1999 legislation but with the University's implementation of the policy.

  4. The Committee considered the articulation of a legislative agenda and concluded that the best way to articulate an agenda from year-to-year would be to meet and talk with the University's Governmental Relations People, the AAUP Governmental Relations Chair, and to consider any particular areas of concern. The Committee believed that this process for articulating an agenda was preferable to a topic based approach.

  5. The Committee is considering a trip to Nashville to meet with selected legislators in May.

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