International Education Committee
May 3, 1999

International Education Committee Report to the Faculty Senate
1998/99 Academic Year
Submitted to Faculty Senate President, Mark Miller
by Committee Chair, Katherine Greenberg

The International Education Committee of the Faculty Senate had a most productive and unusually busy year. The committee met early in the fall semester to review applications of students for Fulbright, Rhodes, and Marshall scholarships and grants. Committee members decided that the committee should do more to inform students of these international opportunities, to assist them in the preparation of applications, and to help them prepare for rigorous interviews that are a part of some application processes.

In September, Chancellor Bill Snyder appointed the committee as a Task Force for the Development of International Education Goals for the UTK Five Year Plan. The committee met frequently during the fall 1998 semester to develop such goals and objectives. We sought information from across the university to help us gain a deep level of understanding regarding the scope of international education activities for faculty, visiting scholars, UTK and international students engaging in such activities. We also strived to gain an understanding of issues that need to be addressed in order to meet the goals and objectives that we developed. The committee also went through the general introduction to the Revised UTK Five Year Plan and recommended revisions that would better include international education as a part of the mission of the university. The document was finalized in January, 1999. It was submitted to Chancellor Snyder and to the Faculty Senate. A copy is appended to this report. We do not at present know the status of the UTK Revised Five Year Plan nor the breadth and depth of any revisions made to our document.

During the spring semester, the committee met to determine the need to revise the bylaws of the Faculty Senate concerning our committee. Based upon our in depth study of activities related to international education, we found that changes were in order. The committee developed a new section for the bylaws and is submitting our proposal for changes with this report. We would like our recommended changes to be voted on at the May, 1999 meeting of the Faculty Senate.

The committee also implemented its plans to provide more assistance to students regarding applications to Fulbright, Rhodes, and Marshall grants and scholarships. On March 29, 1999, Jim Gehlhar coordinated an orientation session for students on behalf of the committee. Other members are awaiting assignment as mentors to students planning to develop applications. Further activities to assist and screen students will take place next fall.

At the beginning of the year, Faculty Senate President Mark Miller, requested that the committee explore whether or not it is a vital part of the Faculty Senate and should continue to operate. As we worked to develop goals and objectives for the UTK Five Year Plan, we were able to reflect very deeply about the role of this committee. It is our overwhelming opinion that this committee serves a vital role in helping to ensure UTK's effective participation in a global society and as a research institution. We recommend its continuation and expanded mission as reflected in our suggested revisions for the bylaws.

As chair of the International Education Committee, I am pleased to report that almost all members actively participated throughout the year. Further, the committee operated in a highly collaborative and effective manner. We enjoyed our work together and are proud of what we have accomplished.

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