[The following bylaws proposal was approved by the Faculty Senate on April 3, 2000.]

International Education Committee
March 6, 2000

The International Education Committee members propose the following statement as a replacement for the current section regarding this committee in the Faculty Senate Bylaws:

I. International Education Committee. This committee is chaired by a faculty member who also serves as a member of the Council for International Education. The committee has a minimum of nine faculty members and two student representatives, one graduate and one undergraduate. Ex officio members of the committee include the director of the Center for International Education and the chairperson of the Research Council.

The committee strives to enhance international education and research opportunities for students, faculty, visiting scholars and other members of our institution. More specifically, it advocates and facilitates the accomplishment of international education goals such as expanding participation of UT faculty in a wide variety of educational and research activities abroad, contributing knowledge and expertise, enhancing professional development of faculty, and increasing the international reputation and stature of the University; strengthening opportunities for long and short term participation on campus of scholars and artists from outside the United States, increasing graduate and undergraduate student participation in education abroad and other international learning experiences; creating a diverse international student presence at both the undergraduate and graduate levels; incorporating international participation in UT's Distance Education activities; and enhancing UT's international profile through collaborative agreements with universities and other institutions outside the United States.

The committee serves as a liaison between faculty and campus offices that coordinate services designed to reach international education goals. Specifically, the committee (1) considers international education and research issues and shares ideas and recommendations with appropriate groups such as the Faculty Senate, Research Council, Graduate Council, and/or Undergraduate Council; (2) publicizes the availability of and criteria for international scholarships for students, encourages applications for such awards, offers workshops and peer/faculty mentoring to applicants, and screens student applicants for Rhodes, Fulbright, and Marshall awards; and (3) furthers the accomplishment of all types of international education goals.

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