[The following document was issued by the Intellectual Property Committee (Bob Levy and Linda Painter, Co-Chairs) on April 28, 2000.]

Application of the Policy on Patents, Copyrights, and Licensing to the Distribution of Mediated Course Materials

When any University employee develops mediated course materials [including, but not limited to, software developed to support electronic instructional content, video creations, broadcast, digital and on-line courses], the creator retains all rights to the mediated course materials not hereafter discussed. The University has a royalty-free, non-exclusive right and license to use, copy, distribute, perform, and display the mediated course material. The University shall be included in any negotiations between the creators and third parties regarding the license, use or sale of the mediated course materials. Staff and students who, as part of their employment with the University, support and assist in the creation of mediated course materials are not creators under this application. Normally, no royalty, fee, or other consideration shall be paid to the creators when the mediated course materials are used for instruction by the University.

University employees shall not distribute, sell, license, or allow use of mediated course materials developed while they are employed at the University, in a manner which competes with the University, unless such action has been approved by the chief academic officer of the University.

When University employees have been given specific direction from the university as a special assignment or contractual arrangement to create or enhance specific mediated course materials, the contract signed by the chief academic officer and all participants shall define in writing the rights of the parties, provisions for revision of, and any financial interest in the product that might accrue.

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