Excerpt from Minutes of UTK University Senate, October 19, 1970.

Motion was passed to adopt the following declaration from the Special Committee on University Governance:
1. It is the opinion of the University Senate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, that the smooth and effective functioning of the University requires that faculty and students be delegated a degree of policy control in certain areas of close concern to them and in which they possess special competence;

2. that the size of the University of Tennessee requires that these powers be exercised through elected representative bodies;

3. that the areas of primary student and faculty concern and competence are sufficiently distinct to demand separate faculty and student governing organizations;

4. that, at the same time, mechanisms for effective and frequent communication among faculty, student, and administrative policymaking (and policy implementing) groups must be provided; and

5. that the Senate respectfully recommends that these principles be formally reaffirmed by the Board of Trustees and by the Student Government Association and thus become the guidelines for further consultation among the faculty, student, and administration committees on university governance in working out the specifics of a new system of university governance.

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