Excerpt from Minutes of UTK University Senate, October 19, 1970.

The following modified set of instructions to the Special Committee on University Governance was adopted:
1. That the present University Senate be reorganized as a Faculty Senate; that the percentage of administrative officers above the rank of department head be reduced;

2. that the presiding officer of the Faculty Senate be elected annually by the Senate and that arrangements be made whereby he may have released time from teaching in order to adequately function as the faculty's principal spokesman on campus during his term of office;

3. that a University Council consisting of elected representatives of the Faculty Senate and the SGA, together with members of the central campus administration, be established to confer on a frequent and continuing basis with the Chancellor to make recommendations to the Chancellor, Faculty Senate, and SGA concerning any question of University policy, any aspect of governing the University, and any general issue relating to the welfare of the University; the purpose of this body being primarily to promote more effective communications among the various components of the University community in such a way as to insure that all rules protect the rights of individuals and the legitimate interests of the University, and that they are clear in meaning, fair, enforceable, and in conformity with the law's and the Constitutions of the United States and the State of Tennessee;

4. that the President of the Student Government Association (or his designate) and at least two other representatives of the SGA have full privileges of the floor at any Faculty Senate meeting; and

5. that student membership be provided on all Faculty Senate committees which deal with subjects directly affecting the lives of the students on campus.

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