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Report on the Faculty Senate/Chancellor Evaluation of Administrators Process

From Spring 1993 to Spring 1997

The Senate/Chancellor Evaluation of Administrators Process (SCEA) is managed by a Standing Committee comprised of seven persons--three appointed by the chair of the Faculty Senate and three appointed by the Chancellor. These appointments are staggered, three-year terms. The chair of the Standing Committee is appointed by the Chancellor in consultation with the chair of the Faculty Senate. The current members of the Standing Committee are: The Standing Committee conducts training sessions each semester and all participants are invited to attend. Each participant is provided with a current copy of the procedures manual; there is a color coded section in the manual outlining the responsibilities of each participant. Additionally, a member of the Standing Committee is assigned as a resource person to each review committee. Most meetings are scheduled by the Office of Administrative Review.

The Administrative Review committees are comprised of three persons--a chair and two members--with no member coming from the same unit as the administrator under review. However, in the case of Deans or higher, the review committee is comprised of five members with no member coming from the same unit as the administrator under review.

The Administrative Review is a year-long process--the first semester is a planning semester and the second semester is when the review actually takes place. No work is scheduled during the summer semesters. The review process is completed when the committee produces two documents--a final report and a plan of action. The supervisor of the person reviewed prepares the plan of action. Once approved, both documents are filed in the Office of Administrative Review, Suite 208 Conference Center Building, and may be reviewed by calling Sarah Gonzalez at 974-2703.

The following list of 41 administrators have completed the review process since its inception in Spring, 1993. Currently, an additional 35 administrators are in the review process.

Periodically, the Office of Personnel provides the Standing Committee with a list of names of those administrators eligible for review, i.e., serving as an administrator for at least five years. All administrators on this list are scheduled for a review that may start in the Fall or Spring semester.

Administrators Who Have Completed the Review Process
Charles Aikens
William Bugg
Michael Benson
Patrick Carney
Daniel Carroll
Betsey Creekmore
James Crook
Jacquelyn DeJonge
Nancy Fair
Edwin Gleason
Charles Hamilton
Fred Harris
Camille Hazeur
Sydney Jumper
Paula Kaufman
LaVerne Lindsey
Susan Martin
Wade Meadows
C.W. Minkel
Aubrey Mitchell
Warren Neel
Larry Ratner
K.C. Reddy
Gregory Reed
Charles Reynolds
Glennon Rowell
Philip Scheurer
Edward Schilling
Jan Simek
Michael Singletary
Bill Snyder
Joseph Spruiell
Ronald Taylor
Dwight Teeter
Maxine Thompson
Ramsey Valentine
Jack Williams
Richard Wirtz
Richard Wisniewski
Marianne Woodside
Fred Young

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