The following proposal was considered by the Faculty Senate on November 20, 2000.

Thursday, November 9, 2000

To: Faculty Senate
From: Professional Development Committee, Research Council
Subject: Faculty Development Program

In keeping with Dr. Gilley's charge to advance the University of Tennessee into the ranks of the "Top 25 Public Universities" in the country we present this joint recommendation from the Research Council and the Professional Development Committee of the Faculty Senate. To provide for regular opportunities to re-invigorate our faculty and thereby increase the overall productivity of our university, we propose that the following "Faculty Development Program" be enacted. We also note that the proposed program will enhance consistency and accountability across the university. Policies similar to that which we are proposing are in place in many of the "Top 25" institutions as well as among our peers and all emphasize the mutual benefits that accrue to both their faculties and their universities in general. Below, we detail our proposal for establishing the "Faculty Development Program" at the University of Tennessee:

Eligibility & Frequency
Pay & Benefits
Application Procedure
Program Funding, Departmental and Participant Responsibilities
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