Getting College and Division Caucuses Started

At the last meeting of the Faculty Senate in April 2003 several changes were made to our bylaws. The newly formed college and division caucuses will serve to help facilitate communications between senators and their constituent faculty.

Selected faculty have been asked to serve as facilitators to help convene the caucus early in the Fall term. September 19 is our target date to have all caucuses in place with an elected chair. Caucuses will comprise all elected senators and elected alternates.

Here is a list of the senators who we have identified to help convene their caucuses:
Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and Extension: David Golden (7247)
Architecture and Design: Marian Moffett (3273)
A&S Humanities: Misty Anderson (6953)
A&S Natural Sciences: Mark Hedrick (8105)
A&S Social Sciences: Wes Morgan (7167)
Business Administration: Deborah Murphy (8396)
Communications and Info Sciences: Mark Harmon (4291)
Education, Health and Human Sciences: David Bassett (8766)
Engineering: Wes Hines (6561)
Law: Desiree Kennedy (6793)
Libraries: Eleanor Read (0011)
Nursing: Peggy Pierce (7630)
Social Work: Mary Rogge (7500)
UTSI: Basil Antar (931-393-7471)
Veterinary Medicine: Nancy Howell (5869)
From the new Faculty Senate Bylaws:
Section 8. College or Division Caucuses. Each unit (college or division of the College of Arts and Sciences) will have a caucus comprising all Senators and Alternates. The convening caucus chair will be elected by that caucus during May. The caucus will be responsible for timely communications with the faculty in the unit and will be provided with LISTSERVs for their units by the office of the Senate President. The caucus will call meetings of the faculty as needed. The caucus will be assisted by the dean's office, who will function as a de facto administrative secretary for the caucus, with responsibilities including calling meetings, taking and distributing minutes, etc. The caucus will be responsible for making nominations to the Senate after an appropriate call for nominations. The caucus will be expected to provide nominees, when requested, to the Senate President for Senate and other committees.

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